Generic Title #54

..Five days till Ycon. *SHRIEKS* I am so screwed :D;;; I have four dollars to my name, have to pay rent same weekend, have no way to get there that I know of and don’t even know who I’m staying with :D I think it’s Karla but I’m not sure O.o; But she said she’s paying for my hotel so I guess so. x3

Must convince Zellie to karaoke Wonderful Days with me :X

Been very busy/lazy lately. Busy as in procrastinating doing things I should be doing and lazy by not doing things I should be doing.

Updated Sakura-Crisis with part of Royal Purple (PoT doujinshi) and a new chapter of Count Cain. Up next, Love Mode, but you have to wait :P

Need to get my butt scanning and editing for FET, I think they’re gonna eat my brain because I’m a lazy ho. ._.

Have been oekaki’ing like a ho over on Eda’s board and as a result, have set up my own Fudoumine oekaki board so I can just spam that and kill my own space and bandwidth instead of hers. x3

Need to call my mum and see if I can go stay with her until I can find a new place to live, Morgan kicked me out as a result (or rather, was the reason for) my last post. Funny how she acts like a complete and utter bitch to both me and her boyfriend then gets mad at us when we finally get pissed off enough to tell her off, the spoiled bitch.

Things to do!
1. Talk to Dana tomorrow, get rent, con & phone money
2. Call mum when 1. happens.
3. Resew Fudoumine track pants.
4. Do laundry
5. Write up my damn Battle Royale solo KiriKami log so I don’t get NPC’d again this round and not be able to come back next round.
6. Write up third post for BR Kirihara, or get someone to interact with him.
7. Find more Ishida Akira songs, because he is teh rocks.
8. Finish uploading Okane ga Nai drama (and get Ishida songs in return)
9. Get PoT 157
10. Get Tactics 3
11. Get Tactics 1 & 2 off FTP
12. Pester Ebbaroonie to upload Battle Royale.


*moves a few things around in order on that list and goes to write solo interaction log!!!!*

Note to self: If Ebby goes to Ycon, pounce, squeeze, squish, kiss and snuggle accordingly.

2 thoughts on “Generic Title #54”

  1. Hey,

    I’ve been looking for Okane ga Nai (JDrama) forever…
    can you help me out?

    Would be really cool ;)

  2. Oooh what a pretty layout. Though I prolly shouldn’t be drooling so much over it since I’m a boy, eh?!? ^___^ But who cares? *smiles* So, ermm, would you like to link exchange? ^^

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