Generic Title #55

Just a quick note to say, new layout :D My lj will soon have the same layout.. only reverted. Dark instead of light. :D! Coz i liked the way it looked both ways >_>

Ycon was fun, no time to babble about it now because I can’t stay online for much longer.

Moved to mums yesterday and my net access is limited till I get my line put in ;o; *WOE!*

But, one more BR post and I have my min ‘daily’ post requirement made, and it’s only the second day of day 2 :X (days are two weeks real time)

And welcome, Cherry Angel to my blog :D


Pluggies to Sachiko and Echiko because they are adorable and i got to see them again on Halloween ^___^~

And Teh Ebbster got me addicted to w-inds again.