Generic Title #56

Ayeap. Bored. And I have my dog hiding in my shirt >_>

Not much really going on since I moved back up to my mums — boring as hell but I knew it would be before I moved back up here. But hell my broke ass can’t afford to get a place of my own right now -.- Have to start school or get a job here soon, even if it’s just volunteering somewhere, mum doesn’t want me spending all my time in front of my computer.

Hopefully I can get my old line back in soon, funny how my dad had just gotten it shut off a couple weeks ago after I’d been gone for months.

Been kinda… listless lately, sleeping a lot and just vegging out in front of the tv when I can’t be online. Nothing’s really interesting me around here and it’s freaking cold as hell. Have to go out and bring all the firewood up tomorrow >_>

Sad how even after that big fight and the fact I haven’t even been here a week, I miss Morgan to bits. Guess I’m glad she said I can come stay for a few days whenever I want. Bleh.

Random babble time.

PoT 124 is pissing me off because it always crashes my damn comp right in the middle when it’s going to commercial break and Kirihara is doing his licky lip snakey demonic elfboy thing. -.- Need to get 159 and Tactics 5. Finish getting them, anyway.

And write up a few more posts for BR to get Kirihara outta where he is and fixed up a bit. Maybe find him some more ammo for the Baretta he foisted from Kamio before beating the shit outta him (and subsequently making Shinji kill him.) Perhaps a run in with Yukimura and Sanada is in order since they’re in the same area. Determined not to lose it this round or I’m banned for the next few rounds >_> Might end up having to kill him off early though due to time constraints on being online-ness.

Tired. Need to scan things and stuff.

Oh. Okane ga Nai [No Money] 1 BL drama up if anyone wants it. Ishida Akira plays the uke Ayase and does a damn good job if I do say so >D Smutty, so beware listening to it while parentals are around.

Also about time I pimped two of my hostees, #BLDrama‘s website. Info, random downloads etc about Boys Love dramas, and Boys Love Game Headquarters website — info, capture guides, downloads and reviews of Boys Love and Girl games. I was happiness, finally got to meet Byouyuuken and Mastress Alita, the two lovely webmistresses at Yaoicon last weekend. *squishes em* They’s so cute x3

*wanders off to finish witing things*

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