Generic Title #57

So yes. Off to Santa Rosa for the night, dentist appt in about 3 hours. Staying at Morgan’s or probably Kerry’s… either way I have to go to Morgan’s to get my birth certificate & social security card so I can get my phone line hooked up.

Finally moved my comp like my mum wanted me to… hopefully tonight I can get online at Morgan’s or yoink my mum’s laptop and go to Kerry’s to at least write up the BR posts I’ve been slacking on. Luckily I only really need one to be caught up but there’s gotta be more than that for Day 2.

Having fun with Belley and Renniebug on our VLP loggie w/ Kamio, Shinji and Gakuto. Kam’s is a brat -.- *baps him*

And hmm.. have to pack up some stuffez before I leave. Gotta make plans and figure out when Carissa’s coming from Massachussetts and when I’m going back to Virginia to visit my grandma. Hopefully they won’t fall on the same week >_> Wanted to be there when Lexxie was driving up from Florida back to New York and see her but ;o;

Anyhoo. *Toddles off to do things*