Generic Title #58

ARGUGHHH. Gotta go back to the dentist Wednesday >< Have to get a friggin root canal on the same damn tooth I just got a friggin perm crown on less than two months ago -.- *stabs mouth* At least the abscess is going down with swelling or whatever. Moving on… My house is like, infested with these friggin huge ass spiders and we can’t figure out what the hell they are because they’re A) not black widows which we’re used to and B) not brown recluse coz well I don’t think those come this far up. Could be wolf spiders but they don’t look like em. We have no clue where the hell they came from either coz we’ve never seen the damn things before. On average the size of a quarter including legs and all brown and kinda furry >_> *Kicks em* And who knows if they’re poisionous :D

Need to start working on my Fudoumine jacket for Dream Live Shinji cosplay at Disneyland in December :3 Think I’m just gonna grow my hair out and dye it black instead of using my wig coz I hate wigs and they do not allow for fast rides and flippy things xD; And it’s almost long enough so that’s all good. Hopefully while I’m back in Santa Rosa I can get the dye and fabric I need to finish it. And maybe get my printer back from my brother so I can at least make some stencils of the the Fudoumine logo :X Fabric paint is my friend.

Why yes, I’m being random today.

Sharon surprised the hell out of me yesterday when my mum came in with the mail ♥ She sent me the entire series of Fullmetal Alchemist without saying anything to me. That was a big YEAY coz I wanted to see it instead of wandering around clueless while half my group cosplays FMA :D That and I didn’t want to wait for Cartoon Network to air the episodes I hadn’t already seen (read: the first two eps). I am now sadly addicted to FMA and Al is friggin adorable.

Which brings up another point. Mum picked up a sick/dying cat (which is actually our neighbors but yeah it’s been living with us for the last week) and took it into work and got him checked out and stuff. My cat weighs 12 pounds. This cat, when healthy has a good four pounds on him. The poor thing weighs 8 friggin pounds now. So he’s chillin’ in my bathroom for some unknown reason, he’s had plenty of oppurtunity to wander the house O.o Err. Tangent. Right. Anyway. Mum said it needed a name seeings how we’ve had the cat for over a week and my neighbor hasn’t said anything or said like, oh hey have you seen my cat. Of course me, watching FMA and not really paying attention to what she was saying automatically said “Ed.” …so I know have an extremely furry cat named Ed. Wonderful.

Moving on.

Sakura-Crisis is down for some reason and me and Crisis can’t figure out why the hell it is >.> Have emailed our webhost to hopefully figure everything out. Account was suspended or something >.> We’re just hoping Biblos (publisher of Love Mode) didn’t get us shut down or anything coz they’ve apparently started cracking down on sites translating their stuff. -.-

I think that’s it for now, I have tags to write and FMA to watch. ♥

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