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Guh, sleepy @_@

Last few days have been surprisingly eventful, I got to meet Crisis for the first time and hang out with my darling ReiRei again on Wednesday and spent the night with them in Petaluma. Crisis is adorably squishably cute and I want to smush her because I love the girl even more now xD; Wee so happy :3

Got picked up in Petaluma by my brother on Thursday and came back up to my mums for Thanksgiving.. in which I promptly plopped my ass in front of my computer and ignored the family while the food was finishing cooking and watching movies. I only ate like, a little bit of turkey and some stuffing out of everything we had. Including like 8 pies. Have had two pieces of pumpkin pie since but >_>

Uploading Ishida Akira songs. :D Because of the love of Mizuki’s seiyuu singing needs to be shared. Still have Okane Ga Nai (64.1 mb) up and also uploaded Okane Shika Nai (Okane Ga Nai 2) (58.7 mb) the other day. Get em while you can. Because the phrase of the day is Ishida Akira is Love.

Songs. Download them.
Ishida Akira – Masquerade
Ishida Akira – Kageri no Fuuin (from Harukanaru Toki no Naka De)

Dropping a comment if you download the songs or dramas would be nice.

And dun dun dunnnnnnnnn. I finished the Suzuki Chihiro Fanlisting last night, because Suzuki Chihiro is even more love than Ishida Akira (sadly. Ishida ranks #2 on my uke ho list)

Working my butt off to update Sakura-Crisis and Underdogs with new stuff. Yami no Matsuei 5-4 will be updated later on today, so rejoice! Something like a year since the last update. xD; Need to go through all the ficcies and crap I saved for Underdogs and formet them and shiz before I put them up, yes.

Also need to update the whored with a bunch of stuff that’s just been sitting there uploaded and not up on the page. x3

And now that I’m still sleepy and still rping, running off now :D

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