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BWARG. Am lazy :D Moved the Atobe x Kamio, Shinji x Ryoma and Sengoku x Shinji fanlistings just a bit ago. Have layouts made for the upcoming Ibu x Kamio, Kirihara x Marui & Fuji x Eiji fanlistings & Bunny-momma is gonna draw me art to use on the layout of the Kirihara x Kamio fanlisting, woo. IloveyouMommy:D

Got all of my Tenipuri Battle Royale posts in yesterday which was good since today’s the last day of “Day” 3. Which should’ve been two days ago but Modsama loves us enough to give us an extension. THIS log in particular was fun as hell to write because we were on complete crack while writing it at 3AM yesterday xD BR!Kirihara has severe issues. :D

Okane Ga Nai downloads have been deleted, as have all of the Rikkaidai Rival Players singles. New singles up in the Omake section. Kikumaru Eiji’s two new singles, Come Together and KikuChan no SORAN Setsu (Radio and Birthday 2004 singles)

Have about 20 more fics to format and crap for Underdogs before I can update so hopefully those will be done soon :D

Got my new phone line in yesterday so woo, unlimited internet access. Go me. Have another dentist appointment on Tuesday to get my root canal filled in and sealed. Dad’s comin’ up Sunday to take me down so I need to call Morgan and see if she’ll let me crash there >.>;

My feet are cold and I should like, light a fire or something coz Mum should be waking up for work here soon.

New artstuff over at Rhythmic High, a Tachibana/Kamio and a Kamio/Ibu. So yeah.

And I’m done babbling. That is all for now :D

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