Generic Title #65

Murrr.. @__@

Yesterday was my mum’s birthday. Also the anniversary of my grandmother’s (her mother’s) death. Didn’t really do anything, except spend 5 hours writing random drabbles. 14 drabbles, to be exact, and I’m totally braindead. Lots of Seigaku and Hyoutei. The part that scared me the most is that Sharon wanted to archive most of the Hyoutei ones on Brand New Days. Of course since she’s a total darling I let her take em but o_o *flattered* This is considering I’ve never, ever written Hyoutei other than RPing Kabaji. She was ebil and made me write Taki/Ootori.

And besides that, having Rue, whose Hiyoshi writing is something I have akin to hero worship for telling me I need to write more Hiyoshi was like.. dumbfounding. Flattering beyond all words. *faints*

Ze list, in order of which they were written and who they were for. (All linked to my writing journal.)

Tachibana/ShishidoKaren (To be archived on BND)
Atobe/ShishidoLana (To be archived on BND)
Taki/OotoriSharon (to be archived on BND)
Hiyoshi/NiouMoffit (To be archived on BND)

Friggin crazy and like, three more to write now that I’m awake again. *clenses self from having written anything ZukaFuji* I swear.. the one pairing in the entire fandom that makes me want to spork my eyeballs out, if only because fandom totally ruined it for me >.>;;

On another note 8D

They convinced me to take up Shinji in Street Prince. Karla has been wanting to join ever since she and Bunny started the RP back in the day after AnimeExpo. I swear. When we went to AniMagic she had had Kamio on hold for me and was still pouncing and clinging for me to take him and I was like..nuuuu too many chars ;; But -.- Daft wanted to take up Ishida in TYRP and since I had Kippei.. and she wanted TachiIshi, and Bunny wanted TachiIshi too I gave her my Kippei there and ended up taking Shinji in SP -.- I’m going to keeeel myself with so much stuff. XD

Stupid SP Shinji was in my brain for a total of FIVE HOURS before he was picking the music. All the rest of my muses had to fight for months to get the right to choose and he’s like 8D YO! -.- In any event he wants to be like, A Clockwork Orange type style street oi punk -.- *baps him*

Merf. Am also tempted to don Shinji wig, put on Alex’s makeup and steal Todd’s bowler hat to do a cosplay icon for SP. Crazy -.- Bunny’s urging me to do it too and I’m like.. BWARRRGGG @__@

I.. am going to stop rambling now 8D