Generic Title #66

New. Layout. Again. And it only took me a little over a month to do it :D! Bern and Hosi sent me the stationary (which I got yesterday) and I totally went SQUEEEEEEEEEE and ogled it for a while, then promptly decided that I wanted to make a Rikkai layout. So now I have one, because Rikkai owns all. After Fudoumine. *FIRM NOD*

Anyhoo. Lotsa family issues lately involving my sister (the stupid bitch) that I don’t really feel like getting in to, long story short my mum is gonna file for a restraining order on her as soon as she can get into Lakeport. To which I say, good riddance to bad rubbish.

Next! Anime Overdose the weekend after next. Current cosplay lineup is Selphie (FF8) Friday, Kamio (PoT) Saturday and possibly Niou (PoT) Sunday. Got my stuff for my Selphie costume sometime last night, will be starting on her stuff tomorrow *Rolls up sleeves*

Holy fuck, Selphie’s the first female I will have ever cosplayed >.>; Go me :D And it’s all Zellie’s fault because I told him I wanted to cosplay something besides PoT and didn’t know what. He said Rinoa, I said no, he said Selphie, I said OKAY! Which will be all good because most of the guys in the room I’m in will be doing FF8 too and we have a nice group :D Am slightly amused, all of my hotel roommates will be male. *shrugs* So long as they don’t care about a chick running around in her bra and taping her chest down flat, it’s allllll good with me.

New monitor, whee. Only problem is, I have to unplug it if I want my computer to start up or else it errors like a stupid bitch, then when I finally remember to unplug it and start the compy it gives me the whole “the system has recovered from a serious error blah blah blah”. But for some reason, it works fine if I start it up in safemode and doesn’t die. Stupid bitch >.>

Anyhoo. *Toddles off to do other things she should be doing instead of updating this*

5 thoughts on “Generic Title #66”

  1. did I kill the comment? T_T Sorry.

    Well.. what I said was.. basically squeeing over the Rikkai boys – love, love, love the layout (and the fact that Yukimura’s so *pretty*) – and also that Sanada’s sitting on Bunta’s foot. XD

  2. I looooooooooove this new layout; yes, you definitely have talent! And it’s so kool how you’re going to cosplay (again….^_^)…you sew them yourself?! ~jealous!!!! hehe TTYL

  3. love the new layout. ^^ you’re cosplaying? that’s so cool. i think i never could create any costume for me. i’m just extremely untalented for that kind of stuff. *lol*

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