Generic Title #67

Craziness. Woke up last night and mum told me James called… Morgan’s in Walnut Creek hospital. I don’t know the full details yet but I guess she went into labor yesterday… and judging from horror stories I have no clue if she’s had her baby yet or not (so much pity if the poor girl is going through like 80 million hours of friggin labor)

But this means one thing.

I’m a godmother. How frickin’ mindblowing is that. It’s kinda scary… when your best friend since you were 12 years old has her first baby. Must try to call later.

Then mum tells me this morning that my stupid sister is friggin pregnant, AGAIN. Third friggin time and she had her last abortion in like.. October. She is not fucking mentally fit to raise a damn child, nor is she economically fit. No job, only money coming in is her social security check and she probably has no clue who the father is. *shrug* Whatever. The family doesn’t want anything to really do with her and none of us will let her come move into any of our places anymore because of all the crap she’s pulled.

Feh. Onto lighter stuff.

AOD was fun, Zell took my Masquerade virginity in making me to a skit with him and two of the guys in our room. XD; Our new cosplay group is Balamb Fish XD; Don’t ask. The skit was great though, even if it sucked and Oni forgot his lines and we pretty much all screwed up at one point or another. XD We had me as Selphie, Zell as Raijin, Oni as Black!Squall and Dante as… well.. Dante. XD;

The only thing that really sucks is that I had brought along a stack of doujinshi for Zell to read, and when I got home I noticed a few days later that my copy of Jet Monster’s Samurai Yellow wasn’t there ;; I miss my hot 28 porn ;;

On another note, I am still muchly in love with Takemoto Eiji’s voice of smex. Yanagi-senpai, I love you ;;

BWEEEE. Writing Fudou-orgies with Bunny is fun XD We write het omg :( Amusing how the whole thing got started because we wanted a Kamio/An makeout session and couldn’t figure out how we could work it into tenipuri fusion. ;; It wasn’t supposed to turn into a Fudoumine club orgy but it did :D!!

And again, I need to write more stuff for 30 kisses, because Karla rawred at me at AOD for taking the pairing she wanted HEY! NiouKiri were my boys first :E!! and not writing or drawing any porn for it so far. Heh. So… when I get off my ass I will write NiouKiri porn. And maybe, eventually, finish scanlating Samurai Yellow because I was lucky enough to have scanned it before I lost it.

….Yeah anyway Selphie, Dabide, Yukimura, and Shinji cosplay pics when I don’t feel so darn lazy. 8D;

*bops away to write porny fudou orgy tag, oh yeah*

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  1. hey, put up some cosplay pics, I’d LOVE to see them. ^__^
    I suppose it must be really strange seeing someone you’ve known for ages is finally having her first baby… none of my friends has become mother or father yet, and I dont know what I’d think if one of em would. About as strange as if one of them getting married.. X_X Ahahaha, Balamb Fish?!? Crazy name, ne? ^__^

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