Generic Title #68

Murrr… Not much to really say. Life goes on, that’s how it works. Worked a bit a few weeks ago, bought things, need to update sites, etc. Computer’s continuing to give me problems from hell, must reformat but need to get ahold of my brother and get the XP cd from him to do so -.-

Threw some random artstuffs on DA, woo.

Just feel kinda… blah lately. Not much to really do, I guess. New layout soon, maybe if I feel like it.

Really need to get myself out of this hump ~_~

Guess I’ll probably feel better when con season rolls in for good. If I’m lucky it’s looking like I’ll be hitting Fanime, (not sure but way possible) AKON, AX, (possibly) Otakon, JTAF, (Possibly) AM and Yaoicon this year. Go me. I’ll be completely flat broke.

This year’s costumes so far…
Kamio, Shinji, Hiyoshi, Niou, Yukimura, Ryou, Selphie, Envy, Shige. Those are just the definate/already done ones ~_~

I think I’m done now.

One thought on “Generic Title #68”

  1. Wow, lucky (tho’ not the broke part..). XD *looks forward to her lone accessible con in August..* One of the days, I’m going as Saiyuki’s Hakkai. The other one, I decided last year to try for Kamio~ hehe. ^.^ *needs to find a shinji to go with; wants to see your yuki-buchou cos~ ahh.. XD just the thought alone is so cool~*
    (on another note, i kinda wish kaijimoto sounded like gackt, too.. instead of just looking like him *_*)
    Best of luck with the compy. =P

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