One thought on “In which I fool around with spiffy paid features on DA”

  1. Hey, I left a comment on your April 20th entry, so just in case you’d never notice, I’m letting you know here. Will copy and paste the same comment here =) –>

    “I stumbled upon your site and I read you wanted the sakura cards of yagyuu and Nioh? I want a few myself, cause I dont have all of them, but i do have nioh/yagyuu, fuji, sengoku, atobe, momo/kawamura, marui and eiji and oishi, in a bigger-than-normal size.

    Would you like those?
    (If you have a quality one of tezuka or saeki I’d be really grateful)

    If you’d like them, email me and I’ll get back to you.

    Well then, have a nice day! =D


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