Some stuff is shitty, some is not so shitty. So I’ll go with the shitty stuff first, yeah.

Angstfest, woo. Got home from Otakon, only to find out the next morning that Quatre (my cat of 9 years) was dead. Mum didn’t want to tell me on Sunday because I hadn’t slept in god only knew how long and was suffering from severe jet lag. Didn’t even get a chance to bury him coz I was to ;lskdjl;fkjasdlfkj to go out before garbage day (Tuesday) to do so.

Hate not having him around. Other than when I was living with my dad or aunt he was my constant companion — always knew when I felt like shit or whatever and would just come and give love and all that. Probably doesn’t help much that I freaking hate asshat cat that isn’t even ours and won’t go away and that Sinja doesn’t like me and runs away. *shrug*

So yeah, I did my as-per-usual thing when someone/thing important to me dies — chopped off all my hair. So now it’s all shaved except for my bangs. Whatever.

What a thing to come home to after an awesome weekend.

The Not shitty, including pics.
Otakon was awesome — not necessarily because of the con but more of the people I got to see. Finally got to see Christina and Jackie after 5 years of knowing each other, ot3 foreber. So we all exchanged our rings and are now married.

Also got to meet… *thinks* Cass, Persimmon, Lisa, Alley, Michelle, Emi, Lexxie and a few others. Got to see Sharon, Jo, Jen and Sihaya again too, so that rocked.

Me & Cris got bored and called Mari & Joyce to chat with them a bit, then called Nicca after we found Michelle again but she didn’t answer so we left dorky messages. Still sad that Karen and Lauryn didn’t call, the aussie buggers.

Didn’t get to see a lot of people I wanted to, but that’s okay, I guess. I was content just having Cris around and D:

Guess Otakon was more of a lovefest this time around, didn’t buy much other than a handful of doujinshi and a pencil board.

Now for random pics.

Me & Michelle, ew my lumpy butt D:

Jo & Me~

Lisa totally owns me & Emi ;;

So we needed comfort ;;

Love in its purest form. Me + Cris + Michelle + Emi. Yatta.

Also, new fic

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  1. oh man I’m trying to comment but they keep on disappearing.
    Anyway, for the third time (>.>) I commented on your April 20th entry, about the sakura cards.
    Here’s a copy of it in case you’d never notice the comment –>

    — I stumbled upon your site and I read you wanted the sakura cards of yagyuu and Nioh? I want a few myself, cause I dont have all of them, but i do have nioh/yagyuu, fuji, sengoku, atobe, momo/kawamura, marui and eiji and oishi, in a bigger-than-normal size.

    Would you like those?
    (If you have a quality one of tezuka or saeki I’d be really grateful)

    If you’d like them, email me and I’ll get back to you.

    Well then, have a nice day! =D


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