A+ to new beginnings.

So back in the end of June I got this bright idea. “Hey!” I said to myself. “I should bring g-p.net back to life with a new layout and everything!” Haha. Hahahaha yeah right. Well, not entirely true. I did make a new layout (aka ripped it from my LJ), but I got too lazy to finish fucking with it to make it work with wordpress, and thus g-p.net got thrown on the back burner. Again. Because obviously Anime Expo, weddings and jury duty are more important than some silly online journal.

But here it is, the end of July and I’m actually writing something! Perserverance over procrastination? MAYBE. There will be a new layout soon.

Anyway, a lot’s gone on in the last year. Some good, some not so good. Let’s see the last year in super-summary.

August 2005

+Jury duty summons. Called for a reschedule due to the fact they wanted me to be in Lakeport at 9 AM when I needed to be in San Francisco at the airport at 10 to catch my plane to Baltimore.
+Went to Baltimore for Otakon! Met the two loves of my life. Awesome rating: Off the charts.
+Got home and learned that my cat I’d raised since the day he was born died while I was gone. Emo rating: Even the emo-kids were afraid of my emo.
+Shaved off most of my head. Insanity rating: My emo drove me to it.
September 2005

+Holy fuck if I remember anything that happened in September.
+Oh, now I do. I forgot about my rescheduled jury summons and didn’t go. 8D
October 2005

+Yaoicon! Awesome rating: 10 billion
+Almost died by way of nearly sliding all the way off a cliff over highway 29 on the way to Yaoicon. Freakout rating: Pretty high.

November 2005

+The Spawn of Satan (aka my sister) comes to stay with us for ’10 days’. Annoyance/Wanting to murder factor: ’10 days’ became ‘four months’

December 2006

+The Spawn of Satan is still here and causing trouble.

January 2006

+20th birthday!
+Mum quits her job. No longer an income in house.
+Mum goes to New Mexico for a month, leaving me with the Spawn of Satan. Surprisingly we do not kill each other.
+Mental breakdown lasting for months.
February 2006

+Mum is still in NM.
+I am still trying to avoid being killed by Spawn of Satan dirty stupid psycho fucking bitch
+Fun weekend time in San Francisco with Hiku, Jenny, Ellome, Jackie, Amber & etc. Karaoke!
+Mum comes back from NM!

March 2006

+Spawn of Satan continues to cause trouble and tries to kill us. It took 3 police officers to cart her stupid bitch ass away.
+Spawn of Satan is now no longer allowed within 500 feet of this house.

April 2006

+Driving permit!
+Sakura Matsuri in San Francisco with mum~

May 2006

+New sewing machine!
+Packed up 4 dogs, 5 cats and two humans and went to New Mexico for two weeks.
+No Fanime :(

June 2006

+Came home from New Mexico.
+Home alone for the next 5 weeks while mum is in NM.
+Akaya (my kitten) is brought home from NM by a friend who was out visiting too.
+Find out Norman, my Chihuahua I’ve had since I was 6 years old, had a brain hemmorage and died on the way to the vet clinic in Las Vegas, New Mexico.
+Stayed with little bro for a few days.
+Locked said brother’s roommate out of the house and promptly broke in with little to no trouble. Roommate’s assessment? “You’re good to have around.”
+Mad week of sewing Narugami costume for Anime Expo.
+Flew to Anaheim for AX

July 2006

+Anime Expo! Lots of booze. Entire costume for next year? Planned.
+Older brother’s wedding.
+Jury duty summons X_x Released on the grounds that I have an extreme bias against the defendant (the school district for one of my middle & high schools), and an extreme bias towards one of the witnesses (PE teacher from grades 7-9)

And here I am now. Broke as shit, need a new job, car is broken can’t get license need license to get job alsdjflsdf.

More rambling to come later. My dad’s supposed to come up today but apparently he isn’t here yet.