I win!

And we’re back in business, baby, with a shiny new layout. Ya’er that, wordpress? I HAVE DEFEATED YOU. DongHae and RyeoWook love you, maybe.

So apparently I was wrong on when my dad was coming up, that would be today~ So yeah. Mayhaps a new outlet and/or electrical circuit in my room, and maybe even shelves and crap to put my clothes on so they’re not piled 3/4 the way up the wall.

Lulz for the day: Intentionally bad yet incredibly funny Xena/Gabrielle porn. 8D

And snap, summer party this weekend. Will we go? Who knows, considering mum wants to like smash the lady who’s having it in the head for causing bad juju (like, you know, making us lose our ranch and stealing two of our best mares). At least we still like and are friends with her kids and husband.