The chapter of life stuff, mail, site stuff, and I hate fandom.

So, mum got a new job! Yay for once again having some sort of income in the house other than my few and far between workdays, though starting next week I think I have at least a week of work. Mum starts today at the assisted living center for the elderly down the street (which amuses me, her old job at the vet clinic was a 3 minute drive away, ~20 minute walk for me. New one I can walk there in about 8 minutes XD Like, you have to drive past it to get to my house hur. But yeah anyway, it seems like something she’ll enjoy with hours that she actually likes (2 pm to 10 pm – 8 hour shift of watching elderly people and getting hugs and coworkers she likes so far rather than a 10 hour shift of lugging bitchy/sick/injured animals around plus being on call with coworkers who made it all hell). Doesn’t pay much but me & mum are alike, if we enjoy our job we don’t care if we don’t get paid an exhorbarant amount. It’s enough to pay bills and have a little fun, good enough for us.

Another nice thing is that they’re looking for a volunteer for like some arts & crafts sort of thing down there so I might check it out. Something’s gotta be better than sitting on my ass in front of my computer 90% of the time (I admittedly have little to no social life outside the webbernets 8D)

Moving on! Mail the other day included my copies of Arashi’s Arashic, Kame & Pi’s (okay Shuji to Akira who cares) Seishun Amigo and DBSG’s Japanese single Begin.

I liked most of the tracks on Arashic, though the ones that seem to be on repeat the most are I Want Somebody and きっと大丈夫. They’re just er funky? The whole cd itself is like the perfect blend of lounge music, fun music and gay.

…Okay so Seishun Amigo I already liked the songs on and only really bought it so I could own the gay. However, despite liking songs, Kame’s 絆 always makes me want to cockblock him for sounding like such a goddamn emo bitch. 8D

High Time makes Begin worth having. It’s fun and bouncy while Begin is a little too ballady-slow for me — but it’s not a bad song.

Moving on again, False Advertising got a shiny new Pi layout (is it obvious it was originally going to go here?). And with that, the Tanaka Twins, Momo/Kaidou, and Dan Taichi fanlisitings are up for adoption. Check it out, yeah?

And finally, the bitching. I realized the other day why I generally stay on the outside of band fandoms. Because fans of a certain group can be even more cruel and vicious than anyone in an anime/tv show fandom could ever be.

Disclaimer: I wasn’t there, info is from memory + stalking various forums so some of it may be incorrect or untrue. But still.

And not even to other fans, but the band themselves. Case in point: Super Junior had a horrible show the other day. Heechul went way out of tune, Kangin fell (is injured, needs surgery on his leg), Eunhyuk (? I think) just stopped in the middle of his rap for a second because (supposedly) an anti-fan was swearing at him. Yes, they were actually singing live instead of lipsyncing — and it’s NOT the first time they’ve sung live, they’ve give us plenty of damn awesome shows before. Don’t blame a bad show on the fact that they weren’t lipsyncing but singing and dancing at the same time. Which, believe me, is fucking hard as it is, without the people who are supporting you + other dicks giving you shit and bringing degrading signs to your shows.

However, even fans criticise for ONE BAD PERFORMANCE out of TONS of fucking awesome ones. Now, it’s one thing for anti-fans (who, by the way, are crazy – why would you pay to see someone you hate?) to criticise every little thing you do, but FANS? Where the fuck is the support? Even fans can give criticism, but for the love of all things fucking holy don’t be a nasty goddamn prick about it. There’s such thing as constructive criticism. Example: “You fucking suck.” Not constructive. “You went offkey/were a step late on your dancing/whatever, you could try _____ to make it better.” Much more constructive. Kangin started friggin crying on the radio because their fans were being such goddamn dicks – even more of reason they were apologizing so much.

Fuck, if I had to give a show after spending most of the night filiming for my show then oversleeping and not being able to eat, I probably wouldn’t give a very good one either. But for fucks sake. These guys work their asses off and they all felt goddamn terrible about giving a bad performance (which they made up for the next day, so I’m told, with another awesome show.) They are human. They’re not machines, they cannot do everything perfectly every damn time. You, as a fan, should not expect it to be perfect every time and accept that even pop stars have bad days.

Another thing: calm the fuck down, dear fans. This means to not storm a group’s van and push and everything. (This happened the same day as the bad show). Donghae & Kibum were both injured and hospitalised (luckily with only some bumps and bruises) by fans pushing out the window of their van. Granted, they had borrowed DBSG’s van and fans thought it was Dong Bang but for fucks sake, even if it was Dong Bang and you were a fan, would you want to know you’d injured one or more of your idol-type guys? Probably not.

In conculsion: If you’re going to be a fan about anything, don’t be a cock. And stop giving them shit for being a bunch of actors and dancers who can’t sing because if you had half a brain, you’d realise that most of them can I’m not saying they all can.

Yes, I am bitter and think most fans are stupid idiots. :)