Had the day off :D Didn’t have to do anything but help S yank about 20 sheets of sheetrock off the bed of his truck and stack it elsewhere. And thus got to spend the day sitting on my lazy arse and do nothinnnng. Though I did email gal from my last post and got things sorted out and there were apologies on both ends (she had meant it jokingly (like omg you fail lol) and I had been cranky and exhausted enough to take it literally).

But all is good now, and er I should be packing for my trip seeings as I’m leaving tomorrow >> Though E is back so may go out at some point and hang out with them since J went back to Santa Rosa for work.

So er yeah. Still sore and exhausted and in pain so trip shall at least give me a bit of time relax and recuperate before going back to it again. And so for now, I run to finish this RP tag and head off to bed XD

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