Got back from Virginia on Tuesday evening after going and looking at a job with my dad. Flight on Monday was hellish, basically they broke our plane and we had tons of delays and ended up having to switch tickets over to another flight wherin I ended up being allergic to the guy sitting next to me and breaking out in hives + sneezing and itchy eyes and such. Ended up coming down with a cold that hasn’t gone away since – my head’s not stuffed up anymore but still having respiratory problems… like being unable to sleep for more than half an hour without waking up being barely able to breathe and coughing my lungs out :D

Trip all in all was hellish, mostly because I dislike being around a lot of people I don’t know, even if they are family. Out of the 19 people there the first day, there were a total of 4 people I’ve seen more than five times in my entire life – dad, K, T, & A. Even P doesn’t make the list of seeing, as I’ve only seen her 3 times since she was born. Aunt L & cousin Mi I haven’t seen in 20 years, I was probably 5 or 6 months old the last time my dad (and thus me) saw either of them. So of the people there there were my grandma, Aunt N (this whole thing was at her house in Wintergreen) [uncle Br, cousin Bl, cousin M, her husband R & their baby Se], Uncle S [Aunt Didi & cousin Mad], Aunt L [cousin Mi], brother T [in-law A, their daughter P], me, K & dad.

So yeah, hell for me. I spent most of the time being loner-y reading and such by myself, I don’t think I ate more than 3 times on the entire trip.

Went to T’s mum’s (my dad’s ex-wife) on Sunday, hung out with her and her husband + T’s sister & her bf & toddler. Much more comfortable there, probably because J&Ti are old hippy people living out by the river in a nice little house. Less stressful atmosphere for me, probably because I don’t like being around people who only really care who has the bigger house or faster car (which most of my dad’s family are like). But er yeah.

Anyway, enough of the family stuff.

Bought my new domain yesterday when I went to renew rikkaidai.org. This blog will move to said domain sometime soon, possibly within the week and possibly after YaoiCon. Makes sense since I’m letting this domain go when it expires, and er yeah. :D But you don’t get to know what the domain name is yet because it’s really silly and has some damn dorky roots in inside silliness.

Speaking of sites, the Super Seekrit project is about half done :D Need to finish some skinning and uploading things but I’m fairly certain I got most of one part done around 3-4 this morning when I couldn’t sleep thanks to my lungs.

And crap, month and change till Yaoicon :o And have no clue what costumes to do XD Will probably just end up recycling things that have only been worn once or twice and not make anything new. Which leaves me with uh… Rin (Prince of Tennis – wore to AX this year), Shige (Whistle! – wore it @ ycon last year), Narugami (Matantei Loki – wore to AX this year, would need to get a wig), Hatori (Fruits Basket – again AX this year), & Heero (Otakon last year – need a wig). Also still have Kei’s Senbatsu jersey to give back to her at said con that I can use for uh.. pretty much anyone. Have the Atobe & Kirihara wigs, can do Kamio with my own hair, etc. Tons of stuff I could do but some of them I’ve worn so many times that they’re getting kind of old.

Am thinking Hatori is a definite, as he is hawt secks and I can be in character with my smoking, hur. Must to be seeing if Sunny is going this year and see if she wants to do Whistle! again (she was my Shou last year, we were planning on doing Musashi no Mori this year but ;; she moved). Arrghhh.

Hokay running now 8D