Life is still out to get me

Exhausted, sore, and still in a lot of pain. Covered in bruises and splinters and I’m fairly certain if I put anymore strain on my wrist I’m going to need to splint it again D: That said, with working for upwards of 16 hours a day for the past almost-week, we’re almost done – toss up the rest of the insulation (goddamn itchy stuff I think I’m allergic to), toss up the rest of the sheetrock, put recepticals in all the boxes, texture, paint, hook up water and that’s about it.

Today was spent running electrical wire, crawling under the house, digging trenches, throwing up sheetrock and uh that might be it. Short day for once, got in by midnight since S&J need to go to Santa Rosa tomorrow and I need to uh pack for my trip XD

My Super Seekrit project (that isn’t really super seekrit as it’s been online for well over a year if you know where to find it) is about half done – hopefully >> Probably be officially up before October if I can get everything working properly and 8D

And for some bitching. There’s a gal I know, and am friends with (at least I think so). The problem with said gal is that she is way too opinionated – if you don’t agree with her opinion, you’re wrong. She has a huge problem with people younger than her (like me, and she’s only about 3 years older). Which irritates me. She also seems to like to play favourites in things that favourites oughtn’t be played in – one example being scolding me for not doing something I said I might do if I had the time, and being ‘punished’ for not doing it when I had already said that I was working insane hours and would try to do so (aka, I said I was on hiatus, which I was. I said I’d try, and that if I didn’t, that was why. A good 3 days before I got my scolding.) Then I got bitched at for doing the other three things I was supposed to do and not the one other thing I said I might do.

Um, hello, bitch? I’ve been working goddamn near non-stop for the past week. The three things I did do, I either did before I started working, or during my whole 10 minute break around 11pm. You know what working from 7am-3am means? It means I do not have time to do some silly online thing that has no impact on the real world.

But yeah, apparently it’s okay for one of the other gals to say she can’t do it at the 11th hour, and it’s not okay for me to say I might if I have the time three days in advance. (No offense to other gal as I talk to her enough to know when she is working or going to be out of town.) It’s okay for her to do everything SHE was supposed to do like 30 seconds before I do the work, when we have deadlines which are the DAY BEFORE I do the work. It’s goddamn rediculous. This gal doesn’t seem to understand the real world outside of her little pampered bubble and it’s irritating as shit. Yes, I like her. Yes, I’d like to continue being friends with her. However I know how she is when people tell her what they think about her; given experience with her and my girl’s fall out about a year ago. She even bothered to friggin drag that out in the mud a year ago.

Guh. Fuck it. When I get back, totally going to email her ~_~.

With that, seriously must be sleeping @_@