What what

Still sore as shit. But progress on building, huzzah. More windows in today, more shit framed in, next wall has been prefabbed, seriously I did not leave until about 1:45 AM. Granted working one your own property has its perks.

Woke up late >> probably due to the fact Akaya was locked in his crate. Stopped around 7, went to the demolition derby around 8ish and watched some shit crash (obviously going back to my white trash roots here 8D), got home around 11ish, went back to work (with booze involved this time hur, as it is it’s difficult to type properly >> have to actually think before I type *winnar*

Walls go in tomorrow and all is good, we’ve mostly figured out some sort of layout for the granny unit and from the sounds of it S&E are back at it as far as hammering things in (who cares if it’s past 2 am, we live in the land of ‘who gives a fuck?’ – or not since S just came in asking where the sleeping bags were for E.

On other stuff, the Ukai Noriko and Nagi x Omi fanlistings finally got new layouts – three years later hur hur. But hey. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, yanno? But I figured it was about time for a fresh new look 8D

On other stuff, working on Super Seekrit project that shall not be revealed until it’s done (or as done as it is going to get for the time being >>)

asdkfhsakdfh okay bedtime :D;

2 thoughts on “What what”

  1. I was just passing through. Woo, a Super Junior project? I really like this layout, especially the colour scheme. They compliment each other really well.

  2. hello :D im just a passerby. but i thought we really have similar tastes!! i love yamapi from news, mastsujun from arashi, and ryeowook and kibum from suju! :D haha coool man.

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