Firstly, a paper post from when my power was out on the 5th. >.>

Paper 01 Paper 02 Paper 03

But yeah, anyway. Past few days have been spent once again geeking over Suikoden 4 and spending nearly every waking hour playing it. Ted is miinneeee bwahaha. But yeah, got a call yesterday from Dad saying Bossman wanted to ask if I’d be willing to come down with S and work tomorrow (aka today) so yeah, said yes because I need the monies.

So today, worked. Was up at five, out the door at 6:15, picked up K around 7:30 to discover someone stole his Tempo last week and he saw it while he was out picking up our lunches (has a ’63 (I think) Nova, too). We had a laugh about it considering how much of a piece of crap and beat up that thing is (it was my mum’s before K’s, and a friend of mum’s before mum got it) and who the hell would want to steal a beat to crap ’90 Tempo?

Got to work at 8 on the dot, waited for Bossman so we could actually get started since he had like 90% of what I needed in his truck. Work happened, lots of priming friggin siding and K gets a call from the police or someone saying he needed to come pick up his car – apparently the Tempo was abandoned somewhere, lol. We all figured it probably broke down and the cocks decided to say ‘um fuck it’. More painting happened, everything I’d been brought down to do was done by noon. Ate lunch, ended up picking up everyone else’s slack by cleaning the whole place up and loading up the trailer to take stuff to the dump + helping dad put building paper up over the exposed insulation. No time to put up the siding today, particularly considering we didn’t get out of there till quarter to five. Got paid, S, K & I took off, dropped K at home, went to Best Buy & Office Max w/ S and got home around 7:15 and have been sitting on my lazy ass since then waiting for 10 pm to come so I can take my pill and go to sleep >.>

So yus. Exhausted and sore and D: and *runs away*