It’s been a while~

Since I actually made a post that wasn’t just “lol here guyz have stuff”. But new layout that is completely swiped from my LJ, but I plan on changing LJ soon and I liked this one? >_>;; Made for my res, so I really don’t care if it’s too big for yours. Get a better monitor and/or video card. Yay Haeface.

Birthday a couple weeks ago. Yay, being legal to drink. Ended up going down to Petaluma the weekend after to watch Resilience play, as I have not seen them play in forever and I miss them greatly. And I got to see my Indy ♥ Whom I hadn’t seen in about 3 years ;o; Fun times were had :)

Schooooooool. Other than financial aid fucking me over and basically going “lol you don’t get shit until we see your mum’s tax info for last year too (since I apped for 06-07, I only needed to give them ’05’s tax info) hahaha”. Great, you guys could’ve said something when, you know, I didn’t need my books RIGHT THEN. But I managed to find the 3 I need (…two for English) on Amazon and thus got them for ~$140 less including shipping than I would’ve paid. Classes started (for what I needed books for) Tuesday, two days a week, needed books for both of them. Ordered Tuesday night since I went in to inquire about my financial aid stuff after my math class and they were like “lol fuck you”. Luckily, two of them (math and the SUPER IMPORTANTE! English book) showed up tod–yesterday (Friday), so I can catch up on stuff before Tuesday. With any luck, there will be no English class Tues & Thurs since teacherman has to maybe do some stuff elsewhere.

However, buying my books meant that I had to dip into my “I need this stuff for art classes”. Which means I won’t have everything I need on Monday, which isn’t too bad, since having taken the classes before, mum has most of the stuff (mostly just need extras) and we can share for now. Merf >.O

But thus far, school isn’t so bad, I’ll live. Was dreading it much more before. As per usual I’m highly anti-social and only ‘speak’ to people if they talk to me first. >> And my drawing class has a guy in it I know for a fact I went to junior high with, but I’m not sure whether it was Upper Lake JH or Santa Rosa JH. Either way, I remember him as being a bit of a dick so I just won’t talk to him if I can help it.

Math makes me feel like I’m in second grade again :D Which is good, since I’ll blow right through the course until we get to like decimals and percentages and ratios and fractions and division in like the end of March. Because I fail at those, horribly.

English I’m supposed to be writing in a journal. …but I already do. Two of them. Just one more than the other. But hay, it’s a composition class so I guess I can’t complain too much, it just gets annoying writing the same thing over and over again /lazy.

Also need an essay on ‘why I’m here’. Wherin ‘here’ can really be anywhere. In school, in this town… whatever. I’ll get to it at some point. I fear the Red Pen of Eternal Doom, mostly because of my love of commas and semicolons and such when I write. …And crap, I forgot to ask teacherman if we’ll get marked down for alternate spellings, since I tend to use British spellings of things (colour, favour, etc) >> Must ask next class.

…It is way too early in the morning :D

Also, Tenipuri continues to make me happy with cds ♥ So naturally I’ve had to order new cds (真田弦一郎 with 立海大附属中 – バレンタイン・キッス [Sanada Genichirou with Rikkaidai Fuzoku Chuu {Niou & Yagyuu} – Kusunoki Taiten w/ Masuda Yuuki & Tsuda Eisuke] – Valentine Kiss. I fucking hate this song, but it’s Sanada, so I have to buy two copies of it because Joyce needs it too, but at least his gay shirt didn’t get a gay colour like Atobe & Oshitari’s versions >>, 眼鏡’s – キラ★キラ 眼鏡’s [Megane’s {Tezuka, Oshitari, Inui} – Kira★Kira Meganes – Okiayu Ryoutarou, Kiuchi Hidenobu & Tsuda Kenjirou] – Okay, in general I hate all of these characters, but I ♥ their seiyuu and they’re good at crack, so happy time? 青酢 – 抱えたキセキ [Aozu {Oishi, Tezuka, Ryoma, Fuji} – Takieta Kiseki] Again, not really a fan of the characters themselves, but seiyuu, and :D :D :D AOZU.

Finally, which doesn’t come out until near the end of Feb but still, 氷帝エタニティ – 不条理 [Hyoutei Eternity {Atobe, Hiyoshi, Ootori & Gakuto} – Fujyouri] – New OVA OP [ED? I forget]. Either way, I hate Hyoutei, but I don’t give a flying fuck because Hiyoshi gets to sing ♥

Also >EEEE that Super Junior’s new album release date was pushed back from Jan. 30 to like March 10 or something :( Damnit, SM, I know you want my monies, you know you want my monies, hurry up and I will give them to you >o< *hops off elsewhere