*eight months later*

I live, temporarily. School is back in session and I’m going to have to suffer the next four months under 15 units of prealgebra, English 1A, Biology & 20th Century American Literature. Going alright thus far, despite the fact that my textbooks are not here yet (I am going to be screwed in math tomorrow :D Good thing homework only counts as 5% of our grade). With any luck they will be here tomorrow though, J ordered them on her card Thursday night and thank GOD it ended up costing only a little more for my textbooks + mum’s textbooks than it would’ve had I bought only my books at the campus bookstore. For fuck’s sake, why is this shit so expensive D:

In order to keep from going insane in school I’ve been writing more (as I have days where I have to spend 3-5 hours sitting around campus until my class starts); mostly a bunch of useless tennis fic. I’ve also resurrected Sakura-Crisis and Red Sun, so those will take up some time I need to spend avoiding trying to kill myself with overwork XD

Summer was more or less fab – went to Fanime the day after school ended in May and got to see Marou, Kitty & Aka, all of whom were visiting CA (+ my usual suspects, who are still made of love), then headed out to Otakon in July to hang out with Roll & Moff in Baltimore (you can see our cosplay pics in that shiny new photos section on the sidebar :D). Needless to say I had a blast hanging out with some of my most favourite people ♥ Skipped AX due to lack of funds and will likely skip it again next year for Otakon instead. Next up is Yaoicon to go play with Rue, Spardie, Van & my usual ladies and gents. Van’ll be spending the week at my house too, so that’ll be fun :3

*brain fizzle* It is getting late, and thus I need to pop off to bed. G’night, all :)