@_@ Life

So many things to do @_@

Had the vet come over earlier to get the horses their shots, and get Khis’s teeth floated. The good news is they’re both perfectly healthy. The bad news is that Khis is still very vet-irritable (I swear I am going to punch whoever made her this way in the face) and we ended up having to ace her with 3 times the normal dosage to get her to let the vet anywhere near her (actually it was some sedative that wasn’t acepromazine, but ace is our generic term).

Buuuut, horses are being moved to Potter Valley tomorrow, which means we have a lot of work to do in the morning (trailer’s filled with cabinets since S painted his house, K pulled air out of one of the tires, etc). Might even turn in early and get up earlier to get some of my not-horse-related stuff done, too X_x

Just so tired and it hardly feels like 10:15 OTL