A week is go!

NaBloPoMo seems to be going fairly well thus far! I’m actually fairly surprised I’ve managed to do it every day and not simply have posts like the ones that tend to fill my livejournal of “omg lol guys look at this”.

However, it’s a weekend, and I’m once again strangely exhausted. When I went out to feed the horses earlier after a perfectly clear and non-rain-threatening (albeit a bit cold) day, it started POURING the second I got to the fence to toss the hay over. Wind, rain, everything, completely out of nowhere. I really hate the weather in this county sometimes >.>;

On to other things – Tsunami Bomb will be getting back together for a benefit show for Liz of Luckie Strike at the Phoenix in Petaluma on January 18th. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to see TB play since their first album release show (The Ultimate Escape) and they went on tour, but nonetheless I’m excited to get to go, and at the same time hang out with M & Co while helping Liz & her family pay their medical bills. I really can’t count the number of times I’ve seen TB or LS play, but I can say that Liz is one of the most awesome and sweetest people I’ve ever met. Full details on the show/benefit (+ ticket info) can be found on Tsunami Bomb‘s Myspace.