And so it ends.

NaBloPoMo, that is. And somehow I managed to post every day! Not that they were necessarily Long or Deep posts, but it’s the putting the effort in and actually going through with it that’s good enough for me.

Went back to Potter Valley (late) today and got some of the horse stuff taken care of, including a particularly brilliant execution of moving 4 horses (with 3 people) out of a pasture containing several cows and about 15 other horses. Pasture in question is HUGE (~30 acres), most of the horses were all in the back of it. The four we wanted were near the front, and all four just came ambling up as we went to get them. Managed to get everyone out the gate into the next field before the others even noticed, and was *just* locking up the gate when the rest of them came thundering along x3

Had a massive headache complete with being unable to see straight for several house; a combination of low blood sugar and sinuses. Took some sudafed before we left the place, and when it wasn’t getting better we stopped at the little market in Blue Lake so I could get some string cheese and mixed nuts. God a little better, but damn my body and it liking to just fucking freeze all the time. Stopped off at Grocery Outlet and got some more awesome tiny Pomegranates and some awesome striped gloves (two pairs), then stopped off at K-Mart since we always forget to go over there when we’re in Lakeport and they have stuff that Wal-mart just never has.

So for $16, I got myself another two pairs of gloves that are really four – they’re two separate pairs of gloves – one with fingers, and one with them cut off at the knuckle that you can wear either over the others or on their own – the part with the fingers cut off are solid black, and the part with fingers are red and black striped (or white and black striped, depending on pair); a new plaid scarf that is almost perfect for Rikkai’s winter uniform (which I will one day do, damnit), and a really comfy pair of flannel pj pants *_* Horrah, 40% off sales~ Mum got me another (larger) black fleece-lined sweatshirt, too. Sowarm *_* I really wish I could find these in a pullover, because I hate zip-up sweatshirts. But. It is warm ;_;

Still so very frozen and need to get things together @_@ Thank all that is high and mighty that I don’t have to do any *real* things tomorrow and can just dick around finishing other shit up. Woohoo!