Count the mileage

Today has been a fairly surreal day. Not really in a “things happened” way, but more in a “my brain has not been fully functional all day” cloudy hazy sort of thing. I’m exhausted in spite of having actually slept fairly well (though not nearly as long as I would have liked), but it’s the brain exhaustion rather than physical exhaustion. Not actually being active for most of the day probably has something to do with this.

I uploaded some of my photos from my trip across the pond back in May/June. There are a ton more (particularly from London), but I’m really too lazy to resize them and the ones there are some of my favourites. I went to London to visit some friends (+ an additional friend who had come to visit us from Norway), and while I was there my Londoners and I took a weekend trip to Berlin, Germany while our Norwegian hopped over to Greece for work-related business. More details at some other point, because my brain really isn’t working well enough to fully explain things. Many bad jokes were made and lots of food and/or booze was consumed.

The horses aren’t being moved this weekend, but we will be heading over to Potter Valley to see the woman (whom I took riding lessons from for several years when I was little, so we know her quite well) and to sign the boarding contract. Horses to be moved some time after mum gets back from South Carolina.

Dad called earlier asking me to print out directions for him and to give them to mum when she leaves – he’s made it to grandma’s and all seems to be well. He sent me a postcard from Grand Canyon, which said only “I couldn’t find Joe Dirt’s parents anywhere! Love, Dad.”

I love my family’s weird sense of humor.

Obligatory music downloads.