Design Block.

I’ve been trying for days to come up with a new design for 15thMOON, and thus far have come up completely empty-handed . . . or empty-brained as the case may be. My usual route of a) opening up Photoshop and staring at it for a while or b) link-hopping to see other sites’ layouts and themes for inspiration has been complete fail.

I’m beginning to think I’m just a bit creatively blocked recently. I bombed a fic deadline for said fic just not going anywhere and not behaving and just making absolutely no sense, I haven’t been able to draw anything that isn’t goofy Dragonball Z oekaki, and it’s taken me two days to make 15 100×100 icons that are probably sub-par if anything.

Braaaainnn why do you do this to me? D:

My power liking to go out certainly isn’t helping matters, either, especially when I go to save things.

It’s going to be a late night and I’ll be off fairly early in the morning, so now I leave.