Good days

R had a really good day today, which makes his second day in a row after his last meeting with his therapist, where it was decided that he could start all over as if it was his first night, with a clean slate. Meds are probably part of the reason he’s had such issues, so we’ll have to see about getting them changed. I really, really hate the mentality of just throwing pills at whatever problem anyone has, considering how often they don’t work or just make things even worse (Case in point: The Spawn of Satan). Blegh.

At any rate, it was a good day. No arguing or anything, and we even took a walk down to the park and played there for a bit. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as easy.

Tonight was the puppies’ first night of “Puppy Kindergarten”. It was pretty fun, aside from Fritz and Eden being so bonded to each other that they didn’t want to pay attention to anything but each other (and even treats couldn’t keep their attention for long. Hopefully they’ll get used to all the excitement and such soon and we can actually do something with them.

OTL Always so tired when writing.