Spent all day with R, and thankfully he had a really good day. Managed to get him to take out the garbage/recycling and wash dishes, then watched a couple of movies and baked some pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving.

And on the Thanksgiving note, my family has never really cared about doing it on the actual day – we get together when we can get together. This year it’s just me & Mum + S, J, & R, so it’s nothing overly fancy. My family has always more-or-less only been in it for the pie (which we always have lots of) and considering only a handful of us actually like turkey… lol.

Mum said her Thanksgiving contribution is going to be “sleep all day”, and I told her I’d wake her up when it was food time >.> (This is, of course, provided I myself am awake >>)

That said, Pieeeeeeeee.