I still hate kids.

After yesterday’s asshattery, R was no better today. Spent two hours arguing back and forth (even to the point where I finally snapped and screamed in his face – coming from someone who doesn’t even like to raise their voice) over doing his homework. Two hours of arguing, him being a rude little shit, him continuing to think the world revolves around him and needs to bend to his will, him thinking J is the biggest bitch in the world for telling him no about this or that . . . all over being asked to do his homework, a task that would have taken him no less than 25 minutes (20 minutes reading, 5 minutes writing 6 sentences about what he read.)

…I really wanted to deck him.

He did eventually chill out and do it, though, and it went alright from there – we talked about things civilly and he even did his homework.

But of course I’m still annoyed and I still hate kids >>

Also still forking exhausted because the dogs have been liking to wake me up at least twice a night for no particular reason. >( Annoyed at the parrot, too, for he took a chunk out of my thumb while I was changing his water last night, from that spot right above your fingernail. So not only did it bleed profusely, it fucking hurts.

However, I got smart and decided to wear a leather work glove this time and can say I have successfully defeated the bird. He went after my hand when I went to change his food, he grabbed hold of the thumb, and got nothing but glove. He moved as far away from his food dish as possible after that :P

Sleep goes me.