In an effort to make this place not nearly as dead as usual, and not only post to LJ 99% of the time, I’ve decided to attempt National Blog Posting Month. This probably won’t work out as well as I hope since I can never stick to anything (as noticed by last month deciding I will write fic or draw every day and only made it through a week), but here’s to trying.

Since my last post of any substance, there have been several new additions to my family – S & J now have a foster child (an 11 year old boy, henceforth known as R) I babysit for regularly, a mixed shepherd puppy (Raja), and a couple of Nigerian Dwarf Goats (Gator and Gunner). My own household has been graced another horse (an Arabian gelding to keep my mare company – Shamar and Khisme, respectively), two German Shepherd puppies (a bitch and a dog – Eden and Fritz respectively, as well as an ancient Angora goat (Shirley), an African Grey parrot (Rafiki), another cockatiel (Tweety), and two parakeets (Jeff and Gregory). In addition to the cockatiel, two cats, and two dogs we already had, naturally it is madness 24/7.

At the moment I’m being a lazy bum at S’s, dog-sitting Raja while S&J are off at a party and R is spending the night elsewhere. Have watched The Mist based on the Stephen King novella (found in the Skeleton Crew anthology), and now on to Pet Sematary. Stephen King night, lol.

Not much else going on and they are now home, so time for me to pack up the laptop and make the trek home.