Silly kids in love.

Today marked my six month anniversary of being “officially” together with the most wonderful girl in the world. I say “officially”, because really, we’ve been together almost since the day we met over eight years ago. People would always ask us if we were together – whether in some chat room or in real life, and the answer was always “no” – but at the same time, if someone asked us if we were single, we’d just sort of point to each other.

It seems silly, but I really couldn’t have chosen a better person to have as a friend, much less as a girlfriend. We don’t need to constantly reaffirm our relationship, we just are. We don’t need to talk every day or comment on each other’s journals to “prove” our love, we’re content in just being and knowing that we’re there for each other when we really need it. We both have our personal problems, and we both do what we can to help alleviate them. That’s all we really need.

So, here’s to six more months, and for years to come. I love you, Cris.