Still exhausted

And it never seems to end. I was supposed to babysit R from 7:30 to 9:30 this morning, after which his youth advocate was supposed to take him for the rest of the day. 9:30, no show. 10:30, no show. 1:30, no show. 3:30, when S&J came home, still hadn’t showed and hadn’t called or bothered to answer calls.

Needless to say, I was not pleased. I don’t like being around people for extended periods of time; least of all rude, moody, self-centered 11 year old brats. He argued with me and/or ignored me half the time (“Dont climb on the telephone pole!”, “No, you can’t spraypaint S’s hubcaps!”). Being cooped up with him all day did nothing but keep me in a constant state of annoyance, especially later tonight when J took me to feed the horses and R threw a complete hissyfit over a flashlight all the way there and back.

Sometimes I really want to smack this kid, but I’d really rather not end up getting arrested, for we are not allowed to touch him for any reason other than to hug him =/

And people wonder why I hate kids so goddamn much and never want any of my own.