Happy Thanksgiving to all of those in the states who celebrate it :)

Today was fairly mellow, involving lots of sleep and not-so-much eating (I hate turkey). But I can safely say that my pies were many levels of tasty and fabulous.

Managed to move most of the stuff out of the tack room today, so we’re mostly ready to get the horses moved. We have the vet coming out in the morning to give them both a checkup and to get my mare’s teeth floated before they head on over there. Have a really busy weekend ahead of me XD;

Going through various discs to burn thing for Emi, only to find that some of them are broken ;_; Hopefully I can yank things off onto my laptop that I couldn’t onto my desktop, as sometimes it just works out that way.

Cold weather is still cold. I foresee many blankets in my future lol.