Tired day is tired.

How the hell is it almost 10:30? I feel like I’ve done absolutely nothing today, even though I have @_@

Horse situation is pretty much settled – we’re going to go over this weekend and do paperwork and such, then we just need to get Khisme’s teeth floated and we can take them over. Huzzah.

R had a good day today, more or less. No arguing or much backtalking/whining, at least until his therapist showed up. But I think some progress was made during the family meeting. This is good times. Maybe tomorrow there will be pie making >.>;

And I suppose it’s official I’ll be going to ACEN next year. To put it in the enabler’s words, “I love how this went from “let’s see” to basically COME OR DIE.” My life is ruined (or not because I get Dragonball!Yamcha/Bulma and Teen!Goten/Trunks cosplay ;o; ) Oh God why am I so stupidly happy about this. XD;

Things are done and now I should probably get started on finishing santa_smex fic. Ohgod.