Lazy is as lazy does

As possibly determined by the fact I haven’t touched this place in a month, aside from changing the theme (again), adding an “about” page and moving some of the other pages over there.

Since my last post, R has officially gone to a group home, but J’s supervisor has another 12 year old boy she’d like to place with them, which means my babysitting-ness isn’t completely over. I don’t know if J’s decided on whether or not they’ll do it yet, but as far as I know this new boy won’t be nearly as bad as R was. We shall see.

Holidays went more-or-less as normal; we didn’t do much other than mum making dinner and eating at S&J’s place. Christmas swag was limited to $15 from grandma, a DS Lite from S&J, a pound of See’s chocolates from mum and a pair of awesome flannel pajamas (they have dog-heads and milkbones all over them :o) from dad. K was back home for a bit and was around for Christmas, but he’s since gone back to South Carolina to finish out his AIT.

S picked up a copy of FFCC:RoF and gave it to me to play until he’s finished with Final Fantasy 3. I have my issues with it, but I haven’t played it enough yet to fully decide whether I like it or not. I’ll probably be posting a mini-review at some point in the near future.

It’s four in the morning and I have to leave for work in 3 hours, why am I awake? Will be in Sonoma for a few days for work, and should be home Tuesday night or Wednesday night. Which leaves me Thursday and Friday to be a lazy bum and try to get other things done.

I should probably get things packed up and ready to go soon, and maybe even get something to eat.