Let’s try this

Owing to it having been several years since I’ve touched this place and having gotten seriously out of touch with blogging, I’ve decided to try to challenge myself to posting every day for the month of October (Blogtober?). I’ve never managed to do it before, and I figured it would be a good idea to try and actually accomplish it as one of my “before I turn thirty” goals … Not that I have many, but it sounded good when I realized I only have three months to go.

Buuut given that I know myself, I’m setting a few loopholes as far as “make a blog post a day” goes.

  1. Posts do not have to be full or well-thought out. They can be photo posts, random thoughts for the day, downloadables, or even something posted to my sketch blog for school (so long as I crosspost the link here)
  2. I can post twice in one day, or schedule an entry to post at a later date if I know I’m not going to be around/have time
  3. I can miss one day, as 30 days still constitutes a month

I will probably wiggle in some more loopholes around somewhere. For now, I’m going to go back to nursing my bottle of hard cider and re-watching Warehouse 13.