Rhythm and Repetition part 2

The problem with being an art student is that when I miss a class–and thus the studio time–I have to find halfway decent chunks of time between work, actual adulty-things, and the most important of them: sleep. I was scheduled a little earlier today, which means I made it home before 9pm and actually had a little bit of energy left to put towards my Rhythm and Repetition project I was working on yesterday. I only managed about an hourish of time between vegging for a bit after work, eating, and trying to convince my dog that my dinner was not also his dinner (while finally getting around to re-watching Heroes).

I’m starting to reach out with this project a bit more; touching at edges and pulling the shapes together into something that’s almost relatively cohesive with a fairly decent rhythm between the shapes and values.

Part two of my Rhythm and Repetition assignment
At least it’s starting to look like something.

What’s nice about this project is that while it’s doing the same thing over and over again–in that it’s primarily shading and toning with pencils–it hasn’t felt monotonous and I don’t find myself getting lost in the linework or anything. If anything not-so-fun comes out of it, it’s mostly the hand cramping and the wrist aching because I’ve never in my life been able to hold a pencil “correctly”–it’s too uncomfortable.

Enough time futzing around on the internet, time to get back to work and continue on watching silly super-powered humans.

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