Rhythm and Repetition

I slacked off on posting for most of today, but it was for homework-related purposes. And so I figured that today’s post would be a work in progress shot of the assignment this week.

The concept of this week’s project is fairly simple – rhythm and repetition. We are to fill up a 14×17 sheet of bristol with patterns from 2-3 stencils. They are to overlap, be cropped, be inverted; anything that would make one big giant mess of lines look interesting. After we fill the page, we need to take an eraser to clean out some of the lines, combine others, and draw new ones to create new shapes, and then fill them in (using graphite) with flat values, gradated values, and transparent values. The goal is to, as the assignment is labeled, create a composition with a good rhythm and nice repetition. The catch is that we cannot use the actual shape of the stencils we used in the composition.

I plan on working some more on this after I finish this post, but this is a shot of it about an hour of work into it.

Work in progress shot of Rhythm and Repetition assignment.
Clearly I am still working out the “rhythm” part of it.

After spending five minutes thinking to myself that I didn’t have any stencils to work with, I took to google and printed out a few images on a smaller sheet of bristol and cut them out with an X-acto knife. Being a kid at heart, I decided to go for super childish images: the symbols for Kamen Riders Meteor, Zeronos (Altair Form). and Skull. They’ve got interesting shapes – a good combination of straight and curvilinear lines.

It’s turning out interestingly so far, and other than my wrists hating me for this, it’s been a lot of fun to play around with. And now, back to work!