I have found the meaning of life, and it is the Tenipuri musical

WARNING: Fangirly post >.>

*kicks stupid dialup* go faster I want the second part >___< Someone find me rips of the Fudoumine one xD; KAMIOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~~~ =3 and the St. Rudy's one when it comes out, eheheheh. I'm getting a new isp in a couple days hopefully, and my new domain too ^0^ maybe even two cuz I can't decide between the two I want xD; If I got two I'd probably move my bloggie to one of em =3 *gropes the tenipuri musical boiz* they're pretty *0* On another note, I’m not feeling well and my stomach hurts like a freaking bitch. I couldn’t sleep very well last night cuz of cramps. Like.. I went to go find my midol and felt dizzy so lied back down.. then when my head wasn’t spinning got up again to do it.. then had to lie down again but ended up throwing up >_< (Thank god I'm a pack rat and had a box leftover from christmas handy so I didn't puke all over my carpet xD; ) Like you really needed to know that. But.. I've never done that.. It was weird O_o; And on even another note, my dad’s up for the day ^_^ Brought me some gifts from my grandmother and my oldest brother, and brought up some of my stuff from the storage box in Santa Rosa. If I’m feeling better we might go see Lord of the Rings: Return of the King later. So yeay. He also said he’d build me a computer desk if I gave him the dimensions I need. And that he’d actually put, you know, an overhead light in my room so I can like.. not have to use a lamp. :D Oh speaking of which, I should tell him to switch some of the house’s wiring over to the other circuit breaker >_< cuz like every room in the house cept my mum's room and the bathroom are on one breaker.. which causes the breaker to switch off constantly, especially if I have my little fan going and the fridge switches on >_< Anyway, I am going to take some freaking midol and go take a nap ~_~ jya na

Generic Title #6

Fwee!! I’ve been very busy today o___o Teh Ukepile got a new layout, a new guestbook layout (my old comments layout ^^; ), and a new section, I finally got my art site up, and I went through and switched 4 of my fanlistings over to PHPFanbase. Three left to do, and I’m dreading copy/pasting to rejoin everyone when I move those over to it xD;

Oh oh! And Linda gave me this lovely gift!

waiii It’s Eiji and Ryoma and so cute xD; Thanks!

My mum’s letting me order some stuff for my birthday, I’m getting the Best of Rival Players Atobe and Shishido/Ootori cd, two Whistle! doujinshis, and two PoT doujins, a Eiji/Ryoma and a Hyoutei one =3 The Hyoutei one is like everyonexshishido xP or rather.. Ootori x Shishido, Oshitari x Shishido, and Atobe x Shishido. Ehehehe. And since my other stack of doujinshi didn’t come today, it’ll probably, HOPEFULLY, come tomorrow ^0^

This kept me amused for hours. xD; YEAY MOMOKAI xD; …and someone find/write me some Kaidoucest. o_o because Kaoru’s brother is freaking hawt. Kaidou’s a freaking little bitchy uke xD; HOORAH.

*runs away to possibly sleep xP*

Generic Title #2

snagged from Hatsumi, because it was too freaking cute to resist. Otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu, Ryoma-kun! Ha-chan, you’re going to make my brain explode with all the spiffy TeniPuri stuff you show up with xP *huggles*

Oi!! Sachiko! Your Sapphirus is alomst done ^0^ I just have to do his pants, and the rest of his cloak :D I wonder if I’ll be able to go back to sleep O-o; I woke up a little while ago.. Got some stuff I need to finish for MS-chan but my brain doesn’t want to work. sleep may possibly be a good thing.

Anyhoo, off to do my pet med rounds, jya na~

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone ^0^

[Stupid Teenager] Post #16

Wee! o.o; Got home from Fanimecon yesterday, I had soooooooo much fun!
I got to meet Sachi-chan and Echi-chan, and their friend Ruki too! They were soooooo cute! *giggle* It was kinda funny how I found them, I saw Echiko’s costume and thought it was cute and walked up to them to take a picture.. said Hi and stuff. Then they said they said that a friend of theirs was supposed to come as Omi, but they hadn’t seen her yet, and I was like “umm.. maybe that’s me?” Sachiko-chan asked “Shu-chan?” Much noddage and glompage ensued. ^____^ I spent most of Saturday with them. ^___^ Their costumes were sooo cute, too. Sachi was Lhodo (i think ^^;) and Echi was Plum from Apocripha/0. Waiiiiiii!! I’ll have to post pictures when I get my film developed, they were adorable! Very sweet girls, they are ^_^; Any time anyone asked to take their picture, I was automatically latched onto and dragged in too ^___^ mwhehehee.

I was sad because I didn’t get to see BLOOD play at Gakufest though.. T___T BUT! I found them at the jpophouse.com booth in the dealers room and got hugs from all of them! And autographness. :D They were soooo nice, too ^_^ I was surprised that they weren’t getting mobbed or something, cuz they were just hanging out outside the booth. O.o; there were like 5 other people around it. Really odd because their pictures were plastered up all over the place around it. o.o; And STUPID STUPID ME didn’t take any pictures T_T the ones I took with my digi cam during the Meet Blood thingie didn’t come out.. I think I took some with my other camera but I’ll have to get them developed..

My brother and I got to Santa Clara on Thursday night.. ended up getting stoned and watching Beetlejuice in Spanish because we didn’t want to watch Adult Swim xD We watched the Spanish Channel for the majority of the weekend. XD

lesse.. they cut the Wolf’s Rain showing short (T___T) cuz Fruits Basket went long.. they stopped WR in like the middle of episode three and put on Read or Die.. that was pretty funny.. lol. Kinda like a screwed version of Excel Saga, I think :D

Me and my brother went to the fansubbing demonstration, Ana from Kritiker.org was there (she’s an editor for Xenonfansubs) and someone asked how many girls were involved in the fansub groups that they knew of.. One guy said that the girls are mostly editors, and Ana said “no, we have a female timer.. Kaorin..” Me and my brother could barely contain giggles, cuz he’s Kaorin XD shhh… it’s a secret…

Lesse.. Spent a lot of time in the Dealers Room, got a bunch of spiffy stuff ^0^ I’m kicking myself though T___T This one place (was the ONLY place there) had one copy of both volumes of An Assassin and White Shamen… I bought the first one.. and had the money for the second one and didn’t get it T___T hmm.. I got.. that, the first Hikaru no Go manga (It was soooo hard to find it! only one person had it, and it was the last copy! everyone else had like, volumes 5+) umm.. the first volume of FAKE, volumes 3-5 of Marmalade Boy, A bunch of cute Wei� Pins.. *nudgenudge*Shushu.. Meneeds your addy ^^; umm BLOOD cds, the second Saiyuki DVD (cuz like no one here has it -.-) ummm… oh yeah, and some card decks (cuz they were cute and i like playing solitare :P) of.. Gravi, Weiss and Saiyuki.

I have also discovered that I need another shelf o.o; with the mangas i got this weekend, everything JUST fits on my shelf o.o;

Lessee… the cosplayers were awesome ^_^ Saw.. a Souma Yuki.. three Momiji’s, a Hatori, four Hatsuharu’s, a BUNCH of Nittle Grasper cosplayers, a really pretty sephiroth, umm.. Three shuichi’s, a couple lone Ryuichi’s, a Mr.K, a few Soujiro’s, a whole shitload of female Kenshin’s (i only saw one guy!) and.. a ton of random others. I was surprised though, because I was one of only three Omi’s i saw all weekend! There was one other mission Omi, and a Gl�hen Omi (who said she had been hunting me down all day cuz I was the only other one she’d seen o.o;; ) ehehe.. Took a picture for the Gluhen omi with her Nagi plush! There were like, almost no Wei� cosplayers at all! Just those Omi’s, a Farfie on the first day (she was short and fat.. kinda disturbed me…) and umm 3 or 4 Yohjis. The one I got a picture of was the only guy, he was really nice and had a fekkin sexy voice, lol.

Hehe, on Saturday night (930-ish) Me and Sachi-chan and Echi-chan were all going towards the hotel to get food cuz we were starving and passed the Fruits Basket showroom, and peeked in just to see what was going on.. It was the episode where Ayame first shows up.. so we decided to forget food and go watch cuz we <3 aya :D

Sunday.. My brother and i woke up at like.. 1030.. lazed around for a while then went back to the convention center.. hung out for a while.. walked around in the dealers room (that’s when i spent my last 7 bucks and got the HnG manga) and saw Sachiko and Echiko and wandered around with them for a little while.. Then I had to go cuz we were going home.. so mucho glompus ensued and I left..

So Yeah i came home yesterday and was askeded for piccies *eyes Nevoi* so I went out and took some with my digicam! ^_^ they are… here.

heh.. and I found my set of darts earlier.. so mebbe tomorrow I’ll take more piccies with my darts in hand ^__^

But wahh… AnimeExpo isn’t looking too good right now.. my brother isn’t gonna be in town that weekend.. grrr. i wish i had my license. T_T *prays* must find someone to take me and eric!!!

But umm.. yeah. this is really long as it is and I’m supposed to be working on a layout for someone (i’m procrastinating, can’t you tell?) so.. Me goes now ^___^