Let’s try this

Owing to it having been several years since I’ve touched this place and having gotten seriously out of touch with blogging, I’ve decided to try to challenge myself to posting every day for the month of October (Blogtober?). I’ve never managed to do it before, and I figured it would be a good idea to try and actually accomplish it as one of my “before I turn thirty” goals … Not that I have many, but it sounded good when I realized I only have three months to go.

Buuut given that I know myself, I’m setting a few loopholes as far as “make a blog post a day” goes.

  1. Posts do not have to be full or well-thought out. They can be photo posts, random thoughts for the day, downloadables, or even something posted to my sketch blog for school (so long as I crosspost the link here)
  2. I can post twice in one day, or schedule an entry to post at a later date if I know I’m not going to be around/have time
  3. I can miss one day, as 30 days still constitutes a month

I will probably wiggle in some more loopholes around somewhere. For now, I’m going to go back to nursing my bottle of hard cider and re-watching Warehouse 13.

Lazy is as lazy does

As possibly determined by the fact I haven’t touched this place in a month, aside from changing the theme (again), adding an “about” page and moving some of the other pages over there.

Since my last post, R has officially gone to a group home, but J’s supervisor has another 12 year old boy she’d like to place with them, which means my babysitting-ness isn’t completely over. I don’t know if J’s decided on whether or not they’ll do it yet, but as far as I know this new boy won’t be nearly as bad as R was. We shall see.

Holidays went more-or-less as normal; we didn’t do much other than mum making dinner and eating at S&J’s place. Christmas swag was limited to $15 from grandma, a DS Lite from S&J, a pound of See’s chocolates from mum and a pair of awesome flannel pajamas (they have dog-heads and milkbones all over them :o) from dad. K was back home for a bit and was around for Christmas, but he’s since gone back to South Carolina to finish out his AIT.

S picked up a copy of FFCC:RoF and gave it to me to play until he’s finished with Final Fantasy 3. I have my issues with it, but I haven’t played it enough yet to fully decide whether I like it or not. I’ll probably be posting a mini-review at some point in the near future.

It’s four in the morning and I have to leave for work in 3 hours, why am I awake? Will be in Sonoma for a few days for work, and should be home Tuesday night or Wednesday night. Which leaves me Thursday and Friday to be a lazy bum and try to get other things done.

I should probably get things packed up and ready to go soon, and maybe even get something to eat.

And so it ends.

NaBloPoMo, that is. And somehow I managed to post every day! Not that they were necessarily Long or Deep posts, but it’s the putting the effort in and actually going through with it that’s good enough for me.

Went back to Potter Valley (late) today and got some of the horse stuff taken care of, including a particularly brilliant execution of moving 4 horses (with 3 people) out of a pasture containing several cows and about 15 other horses. Pasture in question is HUGE (~30 acres), most of the horses were all in the back of it. The four we wanted were near the front, and all four just came ambling up as we went to get them. Managed to get everyone out the gate into the next field before the others even noticed, and was *just* locking up the gate when the rest of them came thundering along x3

Had a massive headache complete with being unable to see straight for several house; a combination of low blood sugar and sinuses. Took some sudafed before we left the place, and when it wasn’t getting better we stopped at the little market in Blue Lake so I could get some string cheese and mixed nuts. God a little better, but damn my body and it liking to just fucking freeze all the time. Stopped off at Grocery Outlet and got some more awesome tiny Pomegranates and some awesome striped gloves (two pairs), then stopped off at K-Mart since we always forget to go over there when we’re in Lakeport and they have stuff that Wal-mart just never has.

So for $16, I got myself another two pairs of gloves that are really four – they’re two separate pairs of gloves – one with fingers, and one with them cut off at the knuckle that you can wear either over the others or on their own – the part with the fingers cut off are solid black, and the part with fingers are red and black striped (or white and black striped, depending on pair); a new plaid scarf that is almost perfect for Rikkai’s winter uniform (which I will one day do, damnit), and a really comfy pair of flannel pj pants *_* Horrah, 40% off sales~ Mum got me another (larger) black fleece-lined sweatshirt, too. Sowarm *_* I really wish I could find these in a pullover, because I hate zip-up sweatshirts. But. It is warm ;_;

Still so very frozen and need to get things together @_@ Thank all that is high and mighty that I don’t have to do any *real* things tomorrow and can just dick around finishing other shit up. Woohoo!


Horses are moved, and life is good! It took a bit to get Shamar in the trailer, but after that he was pretty relaxed even up until we put him in with all of the geldings. Khis spent about an hour and a half BAWWWWing at the fence trying to get to him, but stopped once we fed for the night. Goofy horses.

Heading back out tomorrow morning for most of the day to help get some cleaning done and such.

Yargh @_@ have been on my feet all day, and I am exhausted.

@_@ Life

So many things to do @_@

Had the vet come over earlier to get the horses their shots, and get Khis’s teeth floated. The good news is they’re both perfectly healthy. The bad news is that Khis is still very vet-irritable (I swear I am going to punch whoever made her this way in the face) and we ended up having to ace her with 3 times the normal dosage to get her to let the vet anywhere near her (actually it was some sedative that wasn’t acepromazine, but ace is our generic term).

Buuuut, horses are being moved to Potter Valley tomorrow, which means we have a lot of work to do in the morning (trailer’s filled with cabinets since S painted his house, K pulled air out of one of the tires, etc). Might even turn in early and get up earlier to get some of my not-horse-related stuff done, too X_x

Just so tired and it hardly feels like 10:15 OTL