Generic Title #68

Murrr… Not much to really say. Life goes on, that’s how it works. Worked a bit a few weeks ago, bought things, need to update sites, etc. Computer’s continuing to give me problems from hell, must reformat but need to get ahold of my brother and get the XP cd from him to do so -.-

Threw some random artstuffs on DA, woo.

Just feel kinda… blah lately. Not much to really do, I guess. New layout soon, maybe if I feel like it.

Really need to get myself out of this hump ~_~

Guess I’ll probably feel better when con season rolls in for good. If I’m lucky it’s looking like I’ll be hitting Fanime, (not sure but way possible) AKON, AX, (possibly) Otakon, JTAF, (Possibly) AM and Yaoicon this year. Go me. I’ll be completely flat broke.

This year’s costumes so far…
Kamio, Shinji, Hiyoshi, Niou, Yukimura, Ryou, Selphie, Envy, Shige. Those are just the definate/already done ones ~_~

I think I’m done now.

Generic Title #43

I should update this more often. xD

LJ still owning my soul.

I swear it’s because of all the cracky RP people.

New layout soon. Maybe. If I don’t feel lazy.


EEE I sneeze.

I am so broke. Owe so many people money. *whimpers and eyes Hiku & Rue pitifully* … *eyes roommate and the lack of rent she will most likely not get this month ><!


Read this RP log. I’m Kamio. xD; It goes after… this one.

Both are R rated =x first for fondling/groping/presmexing.
Second for violence and cursing =x

:D *Hugs on Belleychu and Lexxie darling because their Ryou & Bane = TEH WIN.*

This is all Tenipuri Fusion stuff, btw.

LEXXIE DARLING. I will make you a GP layout because I said I would =x. And you are love.

And Kirihara is so going to OWN GP in Battle Royale.


And Ruechama amuses the hell out of me. YOU ARE SUCH A DAMN DORK. I LOVE YOU. XD (And Kirihara is going to eat Hiyoshi & Ootori’s brains, okay? ^_^)

Rue (14:39:04): *sits upon*
Nori (14:39:16): meeeow <3
Rue (14:39:23): …
Nori (14:39:34): hm?
Rue (14:39:57): …that was so totally “Hiyoshi. sits on Akaya’s back. motionless, stone-dead expression while the demon flails and snarls”
Rue (14:40:00): ….hahahahaha
Rue (14:40:05): ….sorry
Nori (14:40:19): rofl
Rue (14:40:24): … that’s the mental image I got when I typed that. XD;;; (had KiriHIyo on the brain last ngiht at work for bizarre reason)
Nori (14:40:32): ROFL
Nori (14:40:37): hey, it could happen >D
Rue (14:40:48): *snickers*
Nori (14:40:54): *snort*
Rue (14:40:55): … it’d have to be a threesome
Rue (14:41:02): *chortles* but … right, anyway
Nori (14:41:04): i have no qualms with that
Nori (14:41:06): xD;
Nori (14:41:18): < – roommates are wondering why i’m sitting here grinning like a moron <3
Rue (14:41:24): =p Kirihara might not but the other two probably would
Rue (14:41:27): then agian, ….
Rue (14:41:31): god, I’m going to love this round.
Nori (14:41:36): hehehe
Rue (14:42:00): anyway. ^^ … I am needy, like, and need someone to type my shizzit at. *has three journal posts to get out by the end of tomorrow*
Rue (14:42:06): and look! you are here!
Rue (14:42:08): and I am here!
Rue (14:42:12): IT ALL WORKS.
Nori (14:42:30): YAY
Nori (14:42:41): and I’m always willing to have a rue babble at me <#
Nori (14:42:43): *<3
Rue (14:42:44): …I ate all teh truffles. ;_;
Nori (14:42:48): ;.;!

I should stop spamming my own blog. =x

but look.

‘TORI BUTT :D!!You know the pretty little Hyoutei boy has a nice butt =3

*goes to fix links =x*

Generic Title #42

I really should update this more often x3 Livejournal has still eaten my brain. Need to update fanlisting links and stuff too >.>

Compy’s been being a dick. Came home from work yesterday to see that it randomly went on standby.. and it has this nasty habit of not coming back out >.> force restart didn’t work.. had to hit the power strip thingie then it went all wookie.. won’t let me go back to my usual resolution which pisses me off.

This week’s been kinda blah.. nearly had a breakdown at work, couldn’t concentrate and was getting really frustrated, ended up having to go home at 11 in the morning.. which sucks. Out of the 40 possible hours I could’ve worked, only got in 13 ~_~ Which really bites because I need to pay my damn rent and still have money for AX.. Gonna have to borrow money from my dad again ~_~ I hate borrowing money. GRR.

Got 5 fanlistings dumped on me.. Kiku can’t keep up with em anymore.. But it’s ok. I need to get off my ass and scanlate more stuff.. need to kick translators butts, etc.

Costumes are nearly complete.. got my wig and all that cut, got most of everything I need.. tomorrow night I shall be finishing sewing my Fudoumine track pants, and hopefully if my mom brings the iron, Rikkaidai-ifying my other shorts, and putting the Rikkai patch on my shirt for Schoolboi!Marui.

Goin out to Bodega Bay with my mum and Morgan and the dogs tomorrow, mebbe I should drag Sky along too. A nice relaxing day to hopefully get rid of all the stress from this week.

RPing has taken over my life, but who cares because it’s fun <3

Made another Prince of Tennis RP, looking for more players. Check out the Crack Shoppe for more info.. x3
… *runs away to finish rps x3*

Generic Title #41

Gawd I’m lazy. xD; Livejournal has continued to eat my brain again. But just you watch, next month I’ll be back to blogging constantly and ignoring LJ xD

Kyahh Fanime was so fun! Gotta see Sachiko and Echiko and Ruki again and finally met Kazuko ^________^ Lookie, random pics xD; I gotta scan the ones i took on real film though @_@ Those are from last day xD; The ones with Sapphi and Plum playing with my tennis racquet didn’t come out and they didn’t even print them ;_;


Hiku is gonna give me a ride and I’ma stay with her and Usagi and Sunny <3, yeaaaaaaaay. Love youuuse. Hiku ‘n Sunny made the cutest Shishido and Gakuto at Fanime <3 xD;

Blahhhhhh I am going to ramble now xD My compy crashed again this morning @_@ something about my video card driver >.> It like randomly restarted then wouldn’t reboot three times then I told it to fuck off and then it started back from last good configuration which was all good. xD; So I did some stuff to it and it’s back up to par, I hope. (Watch, it’ll crash again tomorrow morning)

Oh yus. Sanada, Yukimura, Yanagi and Jackal/Marui singles are uploaded over yonder and I scanned a bunch of random PoT doujinshi here and here. Pairings include Niou/Yagyuu, Ryo/Tezu, Akutsu/Sengoku, General Fudoumine, and Ootori/Shishido.

What else have I done.. finished making some new fanlistings that I need to join and need ta fix links for my other ones and junks.. xD; new Fudoumine FL, Atobe/Kamio FL, and Kisarazu Atsushi FL. Got two more to finish and get up, Sengoku/Shinji and Shinji/Ryoma. Go me.

Gonna take a break from RPing and all that junk tomorrow and finally scanlate junks.. xD; The FET and Sakura-Crisis people are gonna killlllllll me because I’ve taken so damn long to do this stuff.. >.> *whistles innocently*

*cuts and pastes from last lj entry*

Friday afternoon, if I ask you to rp with me, say “NO BITCH! YOU NEED TO SCANLATE THINGS BEFORE THE MASSES KILL YOU!”. Likewise, don’t ask. I’m getting waaaaaaaay too distracted from my other responsibilities by rping (not that I don’t love you girls to death and have a blast doing it — no blame on you because I usually pester you to play with me xD;)

Someone make sure I scanlate at least yami 5-4 and pot 122 @_@ And maybe the rest of Kaine part 1 but GAWD Kaori Yuki’s stuff is so detailed it’s a pain in the ass to edit xD;

If I tell you I’m bored, say “SCANLATE, B’YATCH!”

If I’m supposedly scanlating, make me send you pages as I work on them if I say I’m bored and end up rping anyway.

In other news, NORMAN’S HOME!! I don’t have to be worried out of my wits anymore ;_;

For those of you who don’t know, Norman is my chihuahua, who went mysteriously missing from my mothers house about a week and a half ago. (I think I whined at arithion about it)

But anyway.. he came home last night. Somehow, on his little legs he made it down to the skatepark thing by the lake (from the backwoodsy part of Burns Valley Road) where some woman from Middletown picked him up O.o; She took him home and saw an ad my mom put in the paper about him.. <3

The thing that makes me go @__@ is how the hell she managed to get ahold of him without him going RAWRBITEGRRGROWLCHOMPBITE! at her. Because that dog doesn’t like anyone he doesn’t know touching him, let alone anywhere near him. (excluding Dr. Hoshen at the vet clinic. He liked her for some reason. Possibly because my mom is her usual vet tech).


I should change my layout again soon. Perhaps one of Shinji and Kamio because they’re my other golden pair. xD; ..Then again the SMASH! Artbook has a realllly pretty GP piccu I will be using eventually.. FWEEE

Work has been taking over my brain @_@ Have 75 dollars left in my wallet from the two days I worked last week, and luckily my dad randomly threw 20 bucks at me yesterday to put more minutes on my phone <3

Went to the doc on um, Monday. Got my knees checked out.. yeah they’re all sorts of screwed up which explains the constant pain @_@ My left one is really loose which is why it like.. pops whenever I bend it. At least they aren’t doing the whole hurting like hell whenever I bend or extend them thing anymore @_@ Canova told me I needta start riding a bike or riding my horses again to strengthen my upper legs which would help with my back pain too. ‘Coz good posture = no hurting back. Riding = gaining upper leg strength + promoting good posture.

But I gotta get my saddles back from Sarah and hopefully sell one of them before AX @_@ Can use the money from that for my hotel and reg fees with some food added in. Any paychecks I get will be put towards getting the stuff I need for my costumes I have planned other than Kamio and Eiji and RENT.. gotta pay rent x.x Let’s see here. I need to get three wigs. One for Saeki, one for Ryou, and one for Yukimura. Yukimura or Ryou wigs can easily be used for Shinji should I choose to randomly do him too. Gotta make my Rokkaku jersey, damn. >< ! I swear I'm going to die. I also have the urge to cosplay schoolboy!Marui. xD; I may do him instead of Yukimura for AX if I can't get a Yukimura wig in time.. heh. I like having my hair how it is. Depending on how it's styled I can do all of the redheads except Gakuto xD; GA! Also need to get up to my moms before I go to AX to get my birth certificate, Social Security card and my old racquet! Because Saeki and Ryou use wooden racquets and that’s what my old one is so yeah. xD; BLAH need to get my greyhound ticket to San Jose too >.> Because Hiku = love.

What else, what else.. Not much that I can think of. Which is ok because this post is getting really long now and I don’t think I’ve even posted anything this long in my LJ alone for a hella long time that wasn’t a meme or something. xD;

THIS lj post I made amused the hell outta me. xD; Tricest!
CRACK Kaidou art
Fanime Recap minus the tennis/Apocripha/0 crack with Sachiko and Echiko because I totally forgot to put it in when I wrote that Yes I am braindead.

Needless to say, my hair is now short and red instead of shoulder length and blonde. Go me. xD

And my knees are hurting again.

*stops writing now*

Although stuff over at TenipuriYaoiRp and Tenipuri Fusion are getting very, very amusing. xD;