Tired day is tired.

How the hell is it almost 10:30? I feel like I’ve done absolutely nothing today, even though I have @_@

Horse situation is pretty much settled – we’re going to go over this weekend and do paperwork and such, then we just need to get Khisme’s teeth floated and we can take them over. Huzzah.

R had a good day today, more or less. No arguing or much backtalking/whining, at least until his therapist showed up. But I think some progress was made during the family meeting. This is good times. Maybe tomorrow there will be pie making >.>;

And I suppose it’s official I’ll be going to ACEN next year. To put it in the enabler’s words, “I love how this went from “let’s see” to basically COME OR DIE.” My life is ruined (or not because I get Dragonball!Yamcha/Bulma and Teen!Goten/Trunks cosplay ;o; ) Oh God why am I so stupidly happy about this. XD;

Things are done and now I should probably get started on finishing santa_smex fic. Ohgod.


The rest of the week is going to be fairly crazy, since R gets out of school earlier due to it almost being Thanksgiving vacation. The good news is I’ll get paid more. XD

Have been discussing cosplay plans for next year’s cons. Thus far my entire Fanime lineup consists of females, which is… very strange, to say the least, and has never happened. All of my costumes except one involve Gundams or Dragon Ball Z, and the one that doesn’t involves being a boy dressed as a girl (Princess Princess) OTL

And now Emi is trying to convince me to go to ACEN. XD

asdkfj;adks Have to be up earlier than usual tomorrow, so heading to bed.

Of life and internets

January marked a few things: A new year, a new school year, and my 22nd birthday. \0/ Year thus far has been spent doing basically the same things I do anyway. XD;

Back to school with what will hopefully be my last full-time semester until Uni, as except for math and a couple of other subjects I’ve already got what I need to transfer \0/ Goals for this semester include not sucking as much as I did last semester, oops.

Subjects -> Beginning Algebra (math deficiency whaaat), Ecology (Lecture + Lab), US History through 1750 & Critical Thinking in Literature. More classes than last semester, fewer units (…on less than last semester, hur). Good thing though being that I only have classes three days a week and I have four days off in a row >> Bad news being that including fandomy-writing I have to write roughly 35,000 words by the end of the month 8D

Fandomy stuff ->

[+] FL collective moved to Pure Rhythm.

[+] The following fanlistings have moved to new URLs in the past few weeks: Series: Whistle!, Character: Satou Shigeki, Character: Mizuno Tatsuya, Relationship: Kaku Eishi (Yeong-sa), Sanada Kazuma & Wakana Yuhto (U-14’s), Character Group: Nittle Grasper, Character: Ukai Noriko, Character: Farfarello (Jei), Character: Naoe Nagi, Character: Tsukiyono Omi (Takatori Mamoru), Relationship: Naoe Nagi & Tsukyiono Omi, Relationship: Hidaka Ken & Tsukiyono Omi, Character Group: Jyousei Shounan Gakuen, Character Group: Yamabuki Chuugakkou, Relationship: Kurobane Harukaze & Amane Hikaru, &Relationship: Momoshiro Takeshi & Kaidou Kaoru.

[+] New Fanlistings! Actor: Kanesaki Kentarou and Character: Narugami/Thor.

[+] Ficstuff! Lazy at writing lately (sort-of).
[»] Jokers Wild; Ace in the Hole | Yagyuu/Niou, Yanagi/Kirihara | PG-13/R for the most part, NC-17 overall | 12,915 words | Part 1 | Part 2 | Complete | Written for Shikishi @ Santa Smex on LJ.

Lots of travel planned this year. Vermont over Spring Break (March) to visit Leah, a trip to San Francisco to hang out with Roll on her way home from Japan in April (not really “travel” since SF is only two hours away, but hey! It’s Roll! And not Roll on the opposite side of country! Exciting times!) Will be doing the Artist Alley at Fanime come the end of May, as well. Actually, that few weeks will be crazy, for it is final exams, then Fanime, then coming home for maybe a day (if I come home at all and don’t just stay at K’s), then hopping over the pond to London for two weeks to play with Pez & Liz & Unni~ Tarundoru-cakes and Higa’s Adventures In Cooking! Then it’s home until August, wherein flying to Baltimore for Otakon and playing with Roll & Moffit again, as well as my Rue and a couple of my West Coast kids I play with anyway. \0/ September rounds it off nicely with back to school and Yaoicon, after which I hibernate until May. XD;

I need a job if I’m going to want to afford all of this >.>;;;;

Flee time, for things to do~

Of life and stuff.

So behind in school it’s not even funny, turning-in-work-wise. Before tomorrow I have to write a (very, very late) literary analysis, three reading reflections, 7 sections of math, a working bibliography for my next literary analysis and study like hell for Monday’s massive math test, relax for Tuesday’s English midterm, and drive myself into the ground studying for next week’s massive Biology midterm.

Have a general idea of my grades thus far – averaging a low A in English, a B in Lit (for turning things in late and missing classes), a B in math (because I suck) and a low C in Biology (not getting above a B in any of my midterms and missing several labs, which we’re heavily graded on for participation).

However, missing some classes was worth it, for Van was visiting all of last week and left this past Tuesday. Had a blast at Yaoicon hanging-out-with-people-wise, the con itself was so-so. Finally got to meet Spardie and had many funtimes with my usual gang. Didn’t buy much, nothing really interested me. I did, however, manage to find cheap RURU Shani porn and really cute Seles doujin, which makes up the entirety of my Ycon loot that wasn’t food.

Hana is awesomecakes and sent me the Elfen Lied DVD’s, so Van & I marathoned that and I found a new series I ♥. Also forced her to watch movies everyone’s been telling her to see (Boondock Saints and American History X), as well as Four Rooms and Pirates 2. Watched parts of Rikkaimyu and made her watch the Super Junior movie (what the crack is this), too, har.

Comp appears to be having issues with something. Will have to bust out the neenja skillz and make it cut that shit out.

In other news, The Whored is being dismantled and taken down; the image gallery replaced by Pixelated and doujinshi scans staying on Prontastic.

Need to upgrade the Sakura-Crisis Forums to combat all those spam memberships at some point (cry.)

Also have fic and art stuff I haven’t bothered pimping over @ STHUGAIZ, in the form of the following:

Kirihara Akaya [Tenipuri] :: G-rated; Watercolour pencil, brushed ink & conte crayon.
Alex & Platina Pasteur [Apocripha/0] :: PG-rated, maybe?; Black & blue ink w/ dip pen, Copic sketch markers.
Kamio Akira [Tenipuri] :: G-rated; Prismacolour pencils.


Whatever You Say, Boss :: Tenipuri; NC-17 futurefic, Niou/Kirihara, Yagyuu/Niou, mentions of Yukimura/Kirihara & allusions to Yanagi/Kirihara if you squint hard enough. Read the warnings.
Untitled :: Tenipuri; G, Yagyuu/Niou. There is absolutely no dialogue or interaction in this fic, it’s more of character study than anything.
Chicken Soup (Perhaps for the Teenage Tennis Player’s Soul) :: Tenipuri, G, Ibu/Kamio.
Say It If You Mean It :: Tenipuri, PG-13, Ibu/Kamio.

…Sadness for tablet still not working right and for my not yet being finished with my Santa_Smex fic. Oops. :D;;

Yeah, anyway. I’m done for now.

*eight months later*

I live, temporarily. School is back in session and I’m going to have to suffer the next four months under 15 units of prealgebra, English 1A, Biology & 20th Century American Literature. Going alright thus far, despite the fact that my textbooks are not here yet (I am going to be screwed in math tomorrow :D Good thing homework only counts as 5% of our grade). With any luck they will be here tomorrow though, J ordered them on her card Thursday night and thank GOD it ended up costing only a little more for my textbooks + mum’s textbooks than it would’ve had I bought only my books at the campus bookstore. For fuck’s sake, why is this shit so expensive D:

In order to keep from going insane in school I’ve been writing more (as I have days where I have to spend 3-5 hours sitting around campus until my class starts); mostly a bunch of useless tennis fic. I’ve also resurrected Sakura-Crisis and Red Sun, so those will take up some time I need to spend avoiding trying to kill myself with overwork XD

Summer was more or less fab – went to Fanime the day after school ended in May and got to see Marou, Kitty & Aka, all of whom were visiting CA (+ my usual suspects, who are still made of love), then headed out to Otakon in July to hang out with Roll & Moff in Baltimore (you can see our cosplay pics in that shiny new photos section on the sidebar :D). Needless to say I had a blast hanging out with some of my most favourite people ♥ Skipped AX due to lack of funds and will likely skip it again next year for Otakon instead. Next up is Yaoicon to go play with Rue, Spardie, Van & my usual ladies and gents. Van’ll be spending the week at my house too, so that’ll be fun :3

*brain fizzle* It is getting late, and thus I need to pop off to bed. G’night, all :)