Le post of random.

Just a bunch of random crap.

Airport security: Not nearly as effective as they want to be. Rules: No bottled water/other drinks, lotions, non-prescription meds, no lighters or flammable objects and other such stuff in your carryon.

Case in point: My trip to Virginia last month. My easily-accessible carryon contained a bottle of juice, a thing of baby lotion, several different packages of cold medicine and such, two lighters, etc. Not a single one of them hidden other than just being in my bag, and not a single one of them we confiscated. And this is the same airport that five years ago on another trip to Virginia felt the need to search one of my carryons that was chock full of school text books (I was on home study at the time). If they can’t be arsed to take it from me, I can’t be arsed to give up something that is completely pointless to give up. What, are we going to kill the entire plane with our 12oz water bottle of Eternal Doom? FU, Homeland Security.

Mum has been on one of her learning kicks recently, and totally dragging me into it. I’ve learned more about the relationship between the Arabs and Israelites, Jewish people and anti-semetism than I ever wanted or cared to know.

Tenipuriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. RIKKAI MYU. Cast. WHAT. Cute ;o; INTRODUCING RIKKAIDAI FUZOKU.
Kanesaki Kentarou
兼崎健太郎 as 真田弦一郎
Kanesaki Kentarou as Sanada Genichirou
AKA: Holyshit hot nice cheekbones *_*

Yagami Ren
八神蓮 as 幸村清市
Yagami Ren as Yukimura Seiichi
AKA: Michael Jackson: The Second Coming

Ono Kento
小野健斗 as 柳蓮二
Ono Kento as Yanagi Renji
AKA: That poor boy and his awesome lame bowl cut.

Baba Tooru 
馬場徹 as 柳生比呂士
Baba Tooru as Yagyuu Hiroshi
AKA: He who makes Yagyuu hotter than usual.

Nakagauchi Masataka
中河内雅貴 as 仁王雅治
Nakagauchi Masataka as Niou Masaharu
AKA: He who is the most adorable and evil looking thing on the planet.

Yuki Jutta
夕輝壽太 as ジャッカル桑原
Yuki Juuta as Jackal Kuwahara

Kiriyama Ren
桐山蓮 as 丸井ブン太
Kiriyama Ren as Marui Bunta
AKA: One of the most adorable things on the planet.

Ookawa Genki
大河元気 as 切原赤也
Ookawa Genki as Kirihara Akaya
AKA: Holy hell awesome *_*

And there we have them, Tenimyu’s Rikkaidaigaku Fuzoku. Am still slightly miffy that it’s this winter and thus all my monies are already gone and it’s too late to plan for a Japan trip :(

Tennis RP: The truth to Fusion Kirihara’s hatred for Yamato comes out. (Partially.) (Wibble alert).

Anime kick lately as S has me holding onto about 90% of his cds and dvds, so just since last Thursday I’ve watched Witch Hunter Robin, 最終兵器彼女, Angel’s Tail and started watching Groove Adventure RAVE. I want to watch 彼氏彼女の事情 but the DVDs aren’t cooperating :((

Witch Hunter Robin could’ve had a better ending imo (too abrupt?), while I am now totally in love with Saikano. The love totally must be spread. Angel’s Tail is asdfjaksdf cute though from the few eps I’d already seen I knew that XD Groove Adventure Rave is making it onto my ‘this show is fscking awesome’ list already.

Leaving for Yaoicon tomorrow~ Super last-minute Nagi costume was more or less finished last night, just need to add some fake stuff to it (I got lazy on the pants so they’re just elastic instead of actually having a zipper and all that >.>) Plus it looks funky because I didn’t have enough of the fabric I was using for both the top and the pants (I bought the last of it that Beverley’s had) and sometime after getting home from fabric shopping found a brand new sheet that was the exact colour I needed it (lighter than what I bought and plenty for both the top and pants but eh too lazy to remake the top). For once actually used a (modified) pattern for what I was doing XD; But it’s good enough for me and I don’t care. 8D

During the course of that S comes in with his armor all “Hey fix this I need it for my race this weekend.” (Motocross protective gear) and hands it to me with this big gigantic hole in the sleeve (ha, and those things are supposed to be more or less indestructable). Luckily I had an asston of black spandex leftover from when I made my Envy costume (hell it was $1 a yard, I just bought the rest of the roll) and thus it got fixed but was a pain in the ass because where the hole was was not sewing-machine-accessible and thus had to sew by hand through thick ass fabric >E Hopefully he doesn’t tear it to shreds again because I don’t want to fix it again XD;

…Other than that, not much going on other than messing around in TCG’s and rps and such 8D


Happy Birthday, Yagyuu Hiroshi, you hot piece of 2D ass, you.

Brand new my days

Welp, guess I’m coming off of hiatus here, probably won’t be back on Livejournal for another week or longer… >.> Going to try to update this thing more often than like once a month from now on though my life isn’t really that interesting because I do nothing. >> Far too stressed out and I don’t know why, possibly con stuff but Iunno. Guess I tend to try to take on too many things at once and it’s finally catching up with me (again) , but then, this isn’t exactly a new thing. Just feel so… run down and out of it which is odd because I don’t do anything, other than sit on my butt and screw around on my comp. I don’t go anywhere, I never really see anyone but my mother and ocassionally my dad when he comes up for whatever reason.

Hopefully Fanime will help me clear my head a bit, it’ll be nice to see my ladies and gents, particularly Sachiko and Echiko, because they are two of the most adorable and sweet people on the planet whom never fail to make me smile or feel better. I luffles you two ;_;

But anyhoo. Leaving for Fanime in ~3 hours or so and I haven’t slept, nor finished packing >> My dad is going to kill me, woo. Must remember to check for a Rikkai jersey for Roll because they stopped making them >> and get Tammies one of those Sengoku in a shoe plushies XD

Hopefully the yaoibooth guy has less Seigaku & Hyoutei stuff this year and more Fudoumine or Rikkai >> ♥ I think we yelled at him last year at uh.. Fanime, AX, Animagic, etc…. heheheh. Severely going to attempt to limit my spending but there are things I want and if I want something I will get it, damnit Buchou!Board, Rikkai!Luv!Board, SakuraBromides,SummerBromides,Rikkai!Xmas!Bromides….

Erm, anyway. Love Mode got licensed so I’ll have to drop that from Sakura-Crisis when I get off of complete hiatus, and update Count Cain with the last two chapters we’re doing. Uwahh, so many of our long projects are getting licensed ~__~ Hopefully I can find something to replace them besides random doujinshi. Must poke Crisis into looking around while she’s back in Hong Kong.

And on a random ending note: Erin is absolute love who sends me random Japan stuff (when I say random, I mean random and cute drawings and psycho!Sanada card and Freshie!Kiri cards and cute doujinshi stationary~ Erin is much love and when I have money she will finally get her package of American junk food >> >D

Tata for now, be back in a few days!

Generic Title #67

Craziness. Woke up last night and mum told me James called… Morgan’s in Walnut Creek hospital. I don’t know the full details yet but I guess she went into labor yesterday… and judging from horror stories I have no clue if she’s had her baby yet or not (so much pity if the poor girl is going through like 80 million hours of friggin labor)

But this means one thing.

I’m a godmother. How frickin’ mindblowing is that. It’s kinda scary… when your best friend since you were 12 years old has her first baby. Must try to call later.

Then mum tells me this morning that my stupid sister is friggin pregnant, AGAIN. Third friggin time and she had her last abortion in like.. October. She is not fucking mentally fit to raise a damn child, nor is she economically fit. No job, only money coming in is her social security check and she probably has no clue who the father is. *shrug* Whatever. The family doesn’t want anything to really do with her and none of us will let her come move into any of our places anymore because of all the crap she’s pulled.

Feh. Onto lighter stuff.

AOD was fun, Zell took my Masquerade virginity in making me to a skit with him and two of the guys in our room. XD; Our new cosplay group is Balamb Fish XD; Don’t ask. The skit was great though, even if it sucked and Oni forgot his lines and we pretty much all screwed up at one point or another. XD We had me as Selphie, Zell as Raijin, Oni as Black!Squall and Dante as… well.. Dante. XD;

The only thing that really sucks is that I had brought along a stack of doujinshi for Zell to read, and when I got home I noticed a few days later that my copy of Jet Monster’s Samurai Yellow wasn’t there ;; I miss my hot 28 porn ;;

On another note, I am still muchly in love with Takemoto Eiji’s voice of smex. Yanagi-senpai, I love you ;;

BWEEEE. Writing Fudou-orgies with Bunny is fun XD We write het omg :( Amusing how the whole thing got started because we wanted a Kamio/An makeout session and couldn’t figure out how we could work it into tenipuri fusion. ;; It wasn’t supposed to turn into a Fudoumine club orgy but it did :D!!

And again, I need to write more stuff for 30 kisses, because Karla rawred at me at AOD for taking the pairing she wanted HEY! NiouKiri were my boys first :E!! and not writing or drawing any porn for it so far. Heh. So… when I get off my ass I will write NiouKiri porn. And maybe, eventually, finish scanlating Samurai Yellow because I was lucky enough to have scanned it before I lost it.

….Yeah anyway Selphie, Dabide, Yukimura, and Shinji cosplay pics when I don’t feel so darn lazy. 8D;

*bops away to write porny fudou orgy tag, oh yeah*

[Stupid Teenager] Post #16

Wee! o.o; Got home from Fanimecon yesterday, I had soooooooo much fun!
I got to meet Sachi-chan and Echi-chan, and their friend Ruki too! They were soooooo cute! *giggle* It was kinda funny how I found them, I saw Echiko’s costume and thought it was cute and walked up to them to take a picture.. said Hi and stuff. Then they said they said that a friend of theirs was supposed to come as Omi, but they hadn’t seen her yet, and I was like “umm.. maybe that’s me?” Sachiko-chan asked “Shu-chan?” Much noddage and glompage ensued. ^____^ I spent most of Saturday with them. ^___^ Their costumes were sooo cute, too. Sachi was Lhodo (i think ^^;) and Echi was Plum from Apocripha/0. Waiiiiiii!! I’ll have to post pictures when I get my film developed, they were adorable! Very sweet girls, they are ^_^; Any time anyone asked to take their picture, I was automatically latched onto and dragged in too ^___^ mwhehehee.

I was sad because I didn’t get to see BLOOD play at Gakufest though.. T___T BUT! I found them at the jpophouse.com booth in the dealers room and got hugs from all of them! And autographness. :D They were soooo nice, too ^_^ I was surprised that they weren’t getting mobbed or something, cuz they were just hanging out outside the booth. O.o; there were like 5 other people around it. Really odd because their pictures were plastered up all over the place around it. o.o; And STUPID STUPID ME didn’t take any pictures T_T the ones I took with my digi cam during the Meet Blood thingie didn’t come out.. I think I took some with my other camera but I’ll have to get them developed..

My brother and I got to Santa Clara on Thursday night.. ended up getting stoned and watching Beetlejuice in Spanish because we didn’t want to watch Adult Swim xD We watched the Spanish Channel for the majority of the weekend. XD

lesse.. they cut the Wolf’s Rain showing short (T___T) cuz Fruits Basket went long.. they stopped WR in like the middle of episode three and put on Read or Die.. that was pretty funny.. lol. Kinda like a screwed version of Excel Saga, I think :D

Me and my brother went to the fansubbing demonstration, Ana from Kritiker.org was there (she’s an editor for Xenonfansubs) and someone asked how many girls were involved in the fansub groups that they knew of.. One guy said that the girls are mostly editors, and Ana said “no, we have a female timer.. Kaorin..” Me and my brother could barely contain giggles, cuz he’s Kaorin XD shhh… it’s a secret…

Lesse.. Spent a lot of time in the Dealers Room, got a bunch of spiffy stuff ^0^ I’m kicking myself though T___T This one place (was the ONLY place there) had one copy of both volumes of An Assassin and White Shamen… I bought the first one.. and had the money for the second one and didn’t get it T___T hmm.. I got.. that, the first Hikaru no Go manga (It was soooo hard to find it! only one person had it, and it was the last copy! everyone else had like, volumes 5+) umm.. the first volume of FAKE, volumes 3-5 of Marmalade Boy, A bunch of cute Wei� Pins.. *nudgenudge*Shushu.. Meneeds your addy ^^; umm BLOOD cds, the second Saiyuki DVD (cuz like no one here has it -.-) ummm… oh yeah, and some card decks (cuz they were cute and i like playing solitare :P) of.. Gravi, Weiss and Saiyuki.

I have also discovered that I need another shelf o.o; with the mangas i got this weekend, everything JUST fits on my shelf o.o;

Lessee… the cosplayers were awesome ^_^ Saw.. a Souma Yuki.. three Momiji’s, a Hatori, four Hatsuharu’s, a BUNCH of Nittle Grasper cosplayers, a really pretty sephiroth, umm.. Three shuichi’s, a couple lone Ryuichi’s, a Mr.K, a few Soujiro’s, a whole shitload of female Kenshin’s (i only saw one guy!) and.. a ton of random others. I was surprised though, because I was one of only three Omi’s i saw all weekend! There was one other mission Omi, and a Gl�hen Omi (who said she had been hunting me down all day cuz I was the only other one she’d seen o.o;; ) ehehe.. Took a picture for the Gluhen omi with her Nagi plush! There were like, almost no Wei� cosplayers at all! Just those Omi’s, a Farfie on the first day (she was short and fat.. kinda disturbed me…) and umm 3 or 4 Yohjis. The one I got a picture of was the only guy, he was really nice and had a fekkin sexy voice, lol.

Hehe, on Saturday night (930-ish) Me and Sachi-chan and Echi-chan were all going towards the hotel to get food cuz we were starving and passed the Fruits Basket showroom, and peeked in just to see what was going on.. It was the episode where Ayame first shows up.. so we decided to forget food and go watch cuz we <3 aya :D

Sunday.. My brother and i woke up at like.. 1030.. lazed around for a while then went back to the convention center.. hung out for a while.. walked around in the dealers room (that’s when i spent my last 7 bucks and got the HnG manga) and saw Sachiko and Echiko and wandered around with them for a little while.. Then I had to go cuz we were going home.. so mucho glompus ensued and I left..

So Yeah i came home yesterday and was askeded for piccies *eyes Nevoi* so I went out and took some with my digicam! ^_^ they are… here.

heh.. and I found my set of darts earlier.. so mebbe tomorrow I’ll take more piccies with my darts in hand ^__^

But wahh… AnimeExpo isn’t looking too good right now.. my brother isn’t gonna be in town that weekend.. grrr. i wish i had my license. T_T *prays* must find someone to take me and eric!!!

But umm.. yeah. this is really long as it is and I’m supposed to be working on a layout for someone (i’m procrastinating, can’t you tell?) so.. Me goes now ^___^