[Stupid Teenager] Post #15

weeeee! getting ready to head off to fanimecon ^________^ *cough* i’m supposed to be packing… leaving for my brothers when my dad gets home and gives us money…. then to brothers and clean out his truck and get some stuff then off to the hotel in santa clara yay!! finished my omi costume last night and i cut my hair on wednesday.. was supposed to go to the downtown market with chasy and jesskuh on wednesday but i couldn’t make it T_T

i’ll take tons of piccies and post em up here when i get back. well… i better go pack now XD :P bye bye!

[Stupid Teenager] Post #14

oh gooooooooooood i am sooooo going to die X_X I have to work tomorrow (read: today.) and I’m not asleeping and apslkjhf [o(UHG!!!
i discovered today that my new love was Wei� Side B Kenken. Omi is still my bitch though :D

… speaking of omi, fanimecon is next weekend and I HAVEN’T STARTED MY COSTUME!! LKJFHD {WOHU!{!! AHH! i think i’m going to get my mom to visit so i can have her take me shopping and get my hair cut and such ^_^

gotta hurry gotta hurry gotta hurry.. @_____@ oh lookie! i put up some of my bloggie crews ^__^ over thereeeeeeeee —————————->

also had to take down Ro-kun’s link cuz his host died on him T__T I sowwy Robbie! :P little bugger doesn’t want to accept my hosting offer… MEH to him ^___^; anyone know anyone who would be willing to host his bloggy? ^__^;

Anyhoo.. i is gonna go bug Riisha and mebbe try to go to sleepu ^_^;