Yep, my wrist is very unhappy with me and thus tonight’s post is a simple photo from the womens’ room in the art building at my school, because what do you expect from art students stuck in a building with no heating or air conditioning.

Photo of sign in my art building's  restroom.
There has been different creative editing on every sign in every stall.

Work work work

So, last week was my very first paid vacation in my 15+ years of holding a job. “Awesome!” I say. “I get paid to sit on my butt and watch Netflix all week.”

Apparently that was a pipe dream. Generally speaking, when we get paid out for vacations, we’ll get two paychecks in one week–one being our regular pay, and the other being our vacation pay. I get paid every Friday. This past Friday? No paystub, no paycheck. I had school all day yesterday so I couldn’t get to work to look into it, but upon asking a coworker this afternoon about when we’re supposed to get it, he told me that we’re actually supposed to get it the week before we leave for vacation–vacations start on Sunday, we should be paid for it the previous Friday.

Aaaand so I had to go talk to my boss about not getting paid out for it, who asked the usual questions–did I turn in the vacation form, etc. Answer to all questions was “yes”, so he told me to fill out another one just in case and talk to miniboss (the ASM, who takes care of 99.999% of the payroll stuff). So that’ll have to wait until she comes back in on Monday so she can call corporate payroll department and see if they got the form (which should’ve been turned in by managers responsible for scheduling).

I’m hoping they’ll be able to cut me a check straight out, rather than making me wait until my next payday or longer. Because I didn’t get paid out when I was supposed to have been, I’m down to $35 to last me until Friday and have more than that due in bills this week–bills that are of the “if not paid on time service gets shut off” variety. It’s also nearly halfway through the month and I have nothing saved up for rent yet–I usually pull a set amount out of every paycheck and set it aside as “do not touch” money, and my first paycheck this month mostly went to last month’s rent.

I am going to be most upset if this isn’t sorted out soon, because it’s someone else’s fuckup causing extreme financial hardship on me. I’ll just have to see how this goes.

Yay procrastination!

Procrastination queen strikes again! It’s nearly 11 pm, and I got out of class about an hour ago. My hands are covered in charcoal, I have class at 9am, and two incomplete projects due for it — my rhythm and repetition project I’ve posted about previously, as well as a collage set I was supposed to turn in last week. I’m currently slacking off on the couch making friends with the wonderful invention known as “Netflix”.

The collage project is to create six “puzzle piece” type compositions using two high-contrast colors, as well as black and white. Fortunately, I finished five out of six of them the last time I was in class and have the majority of the pieces already cut out; it’s mostly just a question of arranging it and gluing it all down. However, I could also be sitting on my butt on the couch watching Heroes and stuffing my face with pumpkin pie, because that also sounds like a grand idea.

Weirdly enough, I’ve never been able to get work done unless I’ve done a few hours or days or weeks of procrastination. Give me a month to write a paper, I’ll write the whole thing in three hours the morning it’s due. Give me three hours to get something done, I’ll wait until the last half an hour. It all depends on the amount of work there is to be done, and I’ve always been the type to work better under pressure than if there is no real “incentive” to do it just then, so to speak.

Enough of the being a slackass, though, for I desire pumpkin pie as well as finish these projects so I can get some amazing sleep.

Rhythm and Repetition part 2

The problem with being an art student is that when I miss a class–and thus the studio time–I have to find halfway decent chunks of time between work, actual adulty-things, and the most important of them: sleep. I was scheduled a little earlier today, which means I made it home before 9pm and actually had a little bit of energy left to put towards my Rhythm and Repetition project I was working on yesterday. I only managed about an hourish of time between vegging for a bit after work, eating, and trying to convince my dog that my dinner was not also his dinner (while finally getting around to re-watching Heroes).

I’m starting to reach out with this project a bit more; touching at edges and pulling the shapes together into something that’s almost relatively cohesive with a fairly decent rhythm between the shapes and values.

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Rhythm and Repetition

I slacked off on posting for most of today, but it was for homework-related purposes. And so I figured that today’s post would be a work in progress shot of the assignment this week.

The concept of this week’s project is fairly simple – rhythm and repetition. We are to fill up a 14×17 sheet of bristol with patterns from 2-3 stencils. They are to overlap, be cropped, be inverted; anything that would make one big giant mess of lines look interesting. After we fill the page, we need to take an eraser to clean out some of the lines, combine others, and draw new ones to create new shapes, and then fill them in (using graphite) with flat values, gradated values, and transparent values. The goal is to, as the assignment is labeled, create a composition with a good rhythm and nice repetition. The catch is that we cannot use the actual shape of the stencils we used in the composition.

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