Politics from a girl who knows dick about politics. (Sort-of.)

So while the rest of the world is going batshit over the US presidential election, I’m more interested in the fact that there is no Heroes on tonight. “Political apathy” is one way to put it, but then, no one in my family is politically active or really cares in the least. I wasn’t raised to follow all the asshattery, and quite honestly I know jack shit about how politics work. I’m nearly 23, and I’m not registered to vote, nor do I have plans to register any time soon. I never even voted in things like student body elections in school – none of it ever made any difference to me.

I don’t have television. I don’t have a newspaper subscription (and there’s no way in hell I’m walking out to buy it every day), and unless someone links me to an article of interest, I don’t check out the news online. 90% of what I see/hear/read regarding this election are from second or third-hand sources, and we all know how much the story changes from person to person. The few interviews/debates I have seen (through being at Dad’s, or in a hotel somewhere) gave me very, very little hope. Ms. Palin is still an idiot, and Mr. McCain is still a skeezy old man who would probably die in office anyway (leaving us with a president who doesn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground). GJ on trying to rope in Hillary’s supporters by choosing the least intelligent eligible woman you could find, McCain. I’m not against having a woman in office, I’m against having (more) idiots in office.

…In general, politics just leave a bad taste in my mouth, and thus I avoid them at all cost. I’ll be happy when this is all over and people stop shoving their political (and/or poli-religious) views down my throat. The only proposition out of the ones I know about that I have any interest in is prop 8. No on prop 8 = good. If you’re so worried about things like a man marrying another man might make people want to marry their goat, then propose to make marrying anything that isn’t human illegal. And “teaching gay-ness to children”? WTF is that? You’re gay by your own preference, not because someone around you is gay. If the latter were true, my high school would’ve had a much larger population of gay students, given that one of the guidance counselors (mine) was openly lesbian and headed the US (United Sexualities – a LGBT “club” that also had several perfectly heterosexual members among its ranks). I certainly don’t prefer the wimmins because gayness was “taught” to me.

Really now. This country has bigger things to worry about than whether or not a gay couple should be allowed to marry/adopt/foster. Being gay does not mean you are a pedophile, nor does it mean you’ll be any less of a good parents.


All over the place post is all over the place.

That said, Menclave has my Gundams \0/

It’s been a while~

Since I actually made a post that wasn’t just “lol here guyz have stuff”. But new layout that is completely swiped from my LJ, but I plan on changing LJ soon and I liked this one? >_>;; Made for my res, so I really don’t care if it’s too big for yours. Get a better monitor and/or video card. Yay Haeface.

Birthday a couple weeks ago. Yay, being legal to drink. Ended up going down to Petaluma the weekend after to watch Resilience play, as I have not seen them play in forever and I miss them greatly. And I got to see my Indy ♥ Whom I hadn’t seen in about 3 years ;o; Fun times were had :)

Schooooooool. Other than financial aid fucking me over and basically going “lol you don’t get shit until we see your mum’s tax info for last year too (since I apped for 06-07, I only needed to give them ’05’s tax info) hahaha”. Great, you guys could’ve said something when, you know, I didn’t need my books RIGHT THEN. But I managed to find the 3 I need (…two for English) on Amazon and thus got them for ~$140 less including shipping than I would’ve paid. Classes started (for what I needed books for) Tuesday, two days a week, needed books for both of them. Ordered Tuesday night since I went in to inquire about my financial aid stuff after my math class and they were like “lol fuck you”. Luckily, two of them (math and the SUPER IMPORTANTE! English book) showed up tod–yesterday (Friday), so I can catch up on stuff before Tuesday. With any luck, there will be no English class Tues & Thurs since teacherman has to maybe do some stuff elsewhere.

However, buying my books meant that I had to dip into my “I need this stuff for art classes”. Which means I won’t have everything I need on Monday, which isn’t too bad, since having taken the classes before, mum has most of the stuff (mostly just need extras) and we can share for now. Merf >.O

But thus far, school isn’t so bad, I’ll live. Was dreading it much more before. As per usual I’m highly anti-social and only ‘speak’ to people if they talk to me first. >> And my drawing class has a guy in it I know for a fact I went to junior high with, but I’m not sure whether it was Upper Lake JH or Santa Rosa JH. Either way, I remember him as being a bit of a dick so I just won’t talk to him if I can help it.

Math makes me feel like I’m in second grade again :D Which is good, since I’ll blow right through the course until we get to like decimals and percentages and ratios and fractions and division in like the end of March. Because I fail at those, horribly.

English I’m supposed to be writing in a journal. …but I already do. Two of them. Just one more than the other. But hay, it’s a composition class so I guess I can’t complain too much, it just gets annoying writing the same thing over and over again /lazy.

Also need an essay on ‘why I’m here’. Wherin ‘here’ can really be anywhere. In school, in this town… whatever. I’ll get to it at some point. I fear the Red Pen of Eternal Doom, mostly because of my love of commas and semicolons and such when I write. …And crap, I forgot to ask teacherman if we’ll get marked down for alternate spellings, since I tend to use British spellings of things (colour, favour, etc) >> Must ask next class.

…It is way too early in the morning :D

Also, Tenipuri continues to make me happy with cds ♥ So naturally I’ve had to order new cds (真田弦一郎 with 立海大附属中 – バレンタイン・キッス [Sanada Genichirou with Rikkaidai Fuzoku Chuu {Niou & Yagyuu} – Kusunoki Taiten w/ Masuda Yuuki & Tsuda Eisuke] – Valentine Kiss. I fucking hate this song, but it’s Sanada, so I have to buy two copies of it because Joyce needs it too, but at least his gay shirt didn’t get a gay colour like Atobe & Oshitari’s versions >>, 眼鏡’s – キラ★キラ 眼鏡’s [Megane’s {Tezuka, Oshitari, Inui} – Kira★Kira Meganes – Okiayu Ryoutarou, Kiuchi Hidenobu & Tsuda Kenjirou] – Okay, in general I hate all of these characters, but I ♥ their seiyuu and they’re good at crack, so happy time? 青酢 – 抱えたキセキ [Aozu {Oishi, Tezuka, Ryoma, Fuji} – Takieta Kiseki] Again, not really a fan of the characters themselves, but seiyuu, and :D :D :D AOZU.

Finally, which doesn’t come out until near the end of Feb but still, 氷帝エタニティ – 不条理 [Hyoutei Eternity {Atobe, Hiyoshi, Ootori & Gakuto} – Fujyouri] – New OVA OP [ED? I forget]. Either way, I hate Hyoutei, but I don’t give a flying fuck because Hiyoshi gets to sing ♥

Also >EEEE that Super Junior’s new album release date was pushed back from Jan. 30 to like March 10 or something :( Damnit, SM, I know you want my monies, you know you want my monies, hurry up and I will give them to you >o< *hops off elsewhere

Life is still out to get me

Exhausted, sore, and still in a lot of pain. Covered in bruises and splinters and I’m fairly certain if I put anymore strain on my wrist I’m going to need to splint it again D: That said, with working for upwards of 16 hours a day for the past almost-week, we’re almost done – toss up the rest of the insulation (goddamn itchy stuff I think I’m allergic to), toss up the rest of the sheetrock, put recepticals in all the boxes, texture, paint, hook up water and that’s about it.

Today was spent running electrical wire, crawling under the house, digging trenches, throwing up sheetrock and uh that might be it. Short day for once, got in by midnight since S&J need to go to Santa Rosa tomorrow and I need to uh pack for my trip XD

My Super Seekrit project (that isn’t really super seekrit as it’s been online for well over a year if you know where to find it) is about half done – hopefully >> Probably be officially up before October if I can get everything working properly and 8D

And for some bitching. There’s a gal I know, and am friends with (at least I think so). The problem with said gal is that she is way too opinionated – if you don’t agree with her opinion, you’re wrong. She has a huge problem with people younger than her (like me, and she’s only about 3 years older). Which irritates me. She also seems to like to play favourites in things that favourites oughtn’t be played in – one example being scolding me for not doing something I said I might do if I had the time, and being ‘punished’ for not doing it when I had already said that I was working insane hours and would try to do so (aka, I said I was on hiatus, which I was. I said I’d try, and that if I didn’t, that was why. A good 3 days before I got my scolding.) Then I got bitched at for doing the other three things I was supposed to do and not the one other thing I said I might do.

Um, hello, bitch? I’ve been working goddamn near non-stop for the past week. The three things I did do, I either did before I started working, or during my whole 10 minute break around 11pm. You know what working from 7am-3am means? It means I do not have time to do some silly online thing that has no impact on the real world.

But yeah, apparently it’s okay for one of the other gals to say she can’t do it at the 11th hour, and it’s not okay for me to say I might if I have the time three days in advance. (No offense to other gal as I talk to her enough to know when she is working or going to be out of town.) It’s okay for her to do everything SHE was supposed to do like 30 seconds before I do the work, when we have deadlines which are the DAY BEFORE I do the work. It’s goddamn rediculous. This gal doesn’t seem to understand the real world outside of her little pampered bubble and it’s irritating as shit. Yes, I like her. Yes, I’d like to continue being friends with her. However I know how she is when people tell her what they think about her; given experience with her and my girl’s fall out about a year ago. She even bothered to friggin drag that out in the mud a year ago.

Guh. Fuck it. When I get back, totally going to email her ~_~.

With that, seriously must be sleeping @_@

The chapter of life stuff, mail, site stuff, and I hate fandom.

So, mum got a new job! Yay for once again having some sort of income in the house other than my few and far between workdays, though starting next week I think I have at least a week of work. Mum starts today at the assisted living center for the elderly down the street (which amuses me, her old job at the vet clinic was a 3 minute drive away, ~20 minute walk for me. New one I can walk there in about 8 minutes XD Like, you have to drive past it to get to my house hur. But yeah anyway, it seems like something she’ll enjoy with hours that she actually likes (2 pm to 10 pm – 8 hour shift of watching elderly people and getting hugs and coworkers she likes so far rather than a 10 hour shift of lugging bitchy/sick/injured animals around plus being on call with coworkers who made it all hell). Doesn’t pay much but me & mum are alike, if we enjoy our job we don’t care if we don’t get paid an exhorbarant amount. It’s enough to pay bills and have a little fun, good enough for us.

Another nice thing is that they’re looking for a volunteer for like some arts & crafts sort of thing down there so I might check it out. Something’s gotta be better than sitting on my ass in front of my computer 90% of the time (I admittedly have little to no social life outside the webbernets 8D)

Moving on! Mail the other day included my copies of Arashi’s Arashic, Kame & Pi’s (okay Shuji to Akira who cares) Seishun Amigo and DBSG’s Japanese single Begin.

I liked most of the tracks on Arashic, though the ones that seem to be on repeat the most are I Want Somebody and きっと大丈夫. They’re just er funky? The whole cd itself is like the perfect blend of lounge music, fun music and gay.

…Okay so Seishun Amigo I already liked the songs on and only really bought it so I could own the gay. However, despite liking songs, Kame’s 絆 always makes me want to cockblock him for sounding like such a goddamn emo bitch. 8D

High Time makes Begin worth having. It’s fun and bouncy while Begin is a little too ballady-slow for me — but it’s not a bad song.

Moving on again, False Advertising got a shiny new Pi layout (is it obvious it was originally going to go here?). And with that, the Tanaka Twins, Momo/Kaidou, and Dan Taichi fanlisitings are up for adoption. Check it out, yeah?

And finally, the bitching. I realized the other day why I generally stay on the outside of band fandoms. Because fans of a certain group can be even more cruel and vicious than anyone in an anime/tv show fandom could ever be.

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Generic Title #68

Murrr… Not much to really say. Life goes on, that’s how it works. Worked a bit a few weeks ago, bought things, need to update sites, etc. Computer’s continuing to give me problems from hell, must reformat but need to get ahold of my brother and get the XP cd from him to do so -.-

Threw some random artstuffs on DA, woo.

Just feel kinda… blah lately. Not much to really do, I guess. New layout soon, maybe if I feel like it.

Really need to get myself out of this hump ~_~

Guess I’ll probably feel better when con season rolls in for good. If I’m lucky it’s looking like I’ll be hitting Fanime, (not sure but way possible) AKON, AX, (possibly) Otakon, JTAF, (Possibly) AM and Yaoicon this year. Go me. I’ll be completely flat broke.

This year’s costumes so far…
Kamio, Shinji, Hiyoshi, Niou, Yukimura, Ryou, Selphie, Envy, Shige. Those are just the definate/already done ones ~_~

I think I’m done now.