Generic Title #42

I really should update this more often x3 Livejournal has still eaten my brain. Need to update fanlisting links and stuff too >.>

Compy’s been being a dick. Came home from work yesterday to see that it randomly went on standby.. and it has this nasty habit of not coming back out >.> force restart didn’t work.. had to hit the power strip thingie then it went all wookie.. won’t let me go back to my usual resolution which pisses me off.

This week’s been kinda blah.. nearly had a breakdown at work, couldn’t concentrate and was getting really frustrated, ended up having to go home at 11 in the morning.. which sucks. Out of the 40 possible hours I could’ve worked, only got in 13 ~_~ Which really bites because I need to pay my damn rent and still have money for AX.. Gonna have to borrow money from my dad again ~_~ I hate borrowing money. GRR.

Got 5 fanlistings dumped on me.. Kiku can’t keep up with em anymore.. But it’s ok. I need to get off my ass and scanlate more stuff.. need to kick translators butts, etc.

Costumes are nearly complete.. got my wig and all that cut, got most of everything I need.. tomorrow night I shall be finishing sewing my Fudoumine track pants, and hopefully if my mom brings the iron, Rikkaidai-ifying my other shorts, and putting the Rikkai patch on my shirt for Schoolboi!Marui.

Goin out to Bodega Bay with my mum and Morgan and the dogs tomorrow, mebbe I should drag Sky along too. A nice relaxing day to hopefully get rid of all the stress from this week.

RPing has taken over my life, but who cares because it’s fun <3

Made another Prince of Tennis RP, looking for more players. Check out the Crack Shoppe for more info.. x3
… *runs away to finish rps x3*

Generic Title #39

WEEE NEW LAYOUT. xDD About damn time =3 And it’s for the complete opposite season n_____n

Compy’s fixed so woo, and I didn’t even have to reformat ^_______^

Andu… I bought a Fudoumine polo! :D:D:D:D Sending payment for it tomorrow xD I will be a happy happy girl. And uhhh.. Gonna cut and dye my hair um.. in the next few weeks. Fanime at the end of the month @__@

I still need to find a way to get there.

I am sunburned and in lots of joint pain and yeah.

And I got drunk for the first time in almost a year on um.. Tuesday night. It was fun :DDD though we were sad cuz me ‘n chase ‘n olivia went to go buy porn but they kicked us outta the porn store cuz the other two didn’t have ID ._.

I want to sing like really bad but can’t cuz allllllll of my roommates are home u.u Jeez, four girls living in a one bedroom apartment, three of which are lesbians. Can you imagine the constant drama? I’m sitting here like “…..” and trying to ignore all the crap that’s going on around me cuz one of ’ems my best friend, and another is a very, very dear friend ._.


Rping has taken over my life. Between two RPs I now have 8 boys u.u

TYRP: Kirihara Akaya, Oishi Syuichirou, Ibu Shinji, Tanaka Youhei, Kawamura Takashi, Tachibana Kippei.
TeniFusion: Kikumaru Eiji, Sanada Genichirou.

Notice something.

They all have completely different personalities >.>;;

AND~ uhh I’m nost and should prolly get offline now… or maybe not. If they need the phone they can tell me to get offline u.u ^________^

Lindsay is a pissed off child.

Fucking hell.

Comp is now dead.

Stuck with Morgan’s laptop.

Definately won’t be on as much now >< !! It like.. went spazzy on me, then froze, then wouldn’t fucking reboot at all. Not even in safe mode. >< ! Maybe I should just be glad that this happened while I’m in ‘rosa cuz all it’ll take is 75 cents and a bus across town to get the recovery discs from my brother u.u But fuck, man! That drive had all my sites and games and all my friggin scanlation projects, complete volume scans of things i’m supposed to upload for other groups, stuff I’m supposed to work on.. fuck. >< !! GR! Also = no more friggin rp logs. Cannot finish random rps unless the other players have them. Dammit I hope it’ll let me boot from cd and I can move all that junk to the safedrive T___T *criiiies* I’m going to go curl up in a corner and die now. Or cry myself to sleep or something in 15 minutes. I have to work tomorrow/today. Money is good. Must get real job though. Workin for my dad in Cazadero doesn’t = a job. And I think I have either a headcold or severe allergies right now, because my head has been compeltely stuffed up since I woke up day before yesterday. shitpissfuckgoddammitmotherfuckerGRRRR! *goes to rant somewhere else*

Generic Title #36

Tired. Crampy. Sore. In immense amounts of pain. Need 125 and 112 to finish downloading. Legs hurt. Nearly passed out walking home from the store this afternoon.

Drew Sengoku giving Shinji head. It is the fault of her for rping it with me and her for telling me I needed to draw Sengoku/Shinji cracksmut. Started colouring last night… mebbe up tomorrow.

My legs hurt. Like badly. And my right arm. Mebbe I should get this stuff checked out >< Mum's sick, got strep throat or something, I feel like complete crap and I think the two of us seem pretty damn pathetic right now. We're both like X____X *DIE* In the past three days I have..
-Eaten twice. Two slices of roast beef (the sammich kind) day before yesterday, and a roast beef sammich an hour ago.
-Watched all of Serial Experiments Lain, Full Metal Panic, and Crest of the Stars. Next up: The rest of Azumanga, whatever I have of Wolf’s Rain, the last 7 episodes of .hack//sign and Kiddy Grade. Possibly Fruits Basket again.
-Been in more agonizing pain than I’ve been in for a few weeks.

The PoT rp I’m in still amuses me, and we’ve branched off to an AU side project rp as well. >D Current AU plot.. they’re all in bands >D (yes, we were severely influenced by that damn amv.)
Current bands are (by the law of pulling random names out of a hat)..

Band #1

Band #2
-Kisarazu Ryou

Band #3 (AKA Lucky Elegant Gothic Ore-sama)

Band #4

… These are pretty fucked up xD; It amuses the hell out of me that the only band my char’s aren’t in is the one with the (littler) shotaboiz.
Kamio-player says that our band’s theme song should be “Touch-a Touch-a Touch me” from Rocky Horror >D I’m in agreement.
I’m convinced that the momo/taka/shishi/gakt band has to be a punk/ska band. I don’t know why.

Anyway. Love to you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you two you and you.

Now that I’ve spammed this thing again, I made another new layout that will probably be up sometime next week or something and me ‘n Aion started a new scanlation group xD; Main focus right now is Weiss: An Assassin and White Shaman, but will eventually include Weiss and PoT doujin scanlations *coughsneezechokesputterdie* I’m going to go take a nap. bai.

Generic Title #35


Past few days have been kinda blah. My knees have been hurting like there’s no tomorrow and my ankle is getting all swollen again (the one I sprained last summer and never went to the doc for.. I probably tore ligaments xD; ) and I’m getting all allergic to everything and HDSOUAH [9oujlhsdfm. < -- insert random spazzing here -->

Fet Forums have moved over to their (mostly) permenant home on my server =3

I seriously need a faster connection. It just can not keep up with my rabid PoT obsession T_T Still haven’t gotten all the eps released last week T_T the 116-117 ep is going to be a pain in the ass to download, but it has SMEXY! Yukimura in it ^____^ Once 111 and 124 finish downloading, I’ll have seen everything.. just some of it raw xD; *does the dance of BWA*

I need a job. Like badly, Mebbe I’ll get mum to take me down to the random stores so I can pick up applications. =3 Need money for con and Japan trip and moving out T_T!
Mum’s considering letting my sister come live with us again, but this time she’s going to make sure to have a written contract saying that she’s to leave me the hell alone. Me + my sister = FIGHTS TO THE DEATH. Even my brothers won’t talk to her anymore much because of what happened on Thanksgiving (her stealing my brother’s money, stealing my stuff, being completely disrespectful to all of us, etc.) My dad was surprised I didn’t end up with my hands around her throat, even with all of her taunting >.> The worst thing I did was hiss and spit at her. ^__^ My dad was like “good job. She deserved that” ^__^

Yeah, positive reinforcement for negative behavior :P *shoots something* If she comes to live up here, I’m gonna make my dad put an actual door on my room so I can just lock it. Cuz I know she’ll be all like “oh the couch hurts my back you have to let me use your bed!” to which I will say.. fuck you.

I am too tired to make witty episode summaries. x.x not like there’s really much to summarize right now xD;

Going to RP dream pair smut now, tata ^0^