Starting Sunday morning, I’ll be home alone for a week. Mum is headed off to South Carolina to see K’s National Guard bootcamp graduation. Dad left to drive out this past Sunday (or, well, drive to my grandmother’s in Virginia). Plan is for mum to go to my grandma’s for a few days, then they’ll drive down to Fort Jackson and surprise K, who doesn’t know they’re coming and told me in a letter that since he didn’t have anyone coming, he’s going to “raise Hell and gain twenty pounds”.

Pros and cons of this are such. Pro: I don’t have to deal with mum for a whole week and can do whatever I damn well please. Cons: 1) I was supposed to go back with Dad for the ride, and fly back at some point (Dad will be staying with grandma for a couple of months; at least until K gets back from his AIT in ~February). This obviously did not happen. 2) I have to deal with all of the animals, and have to be able to get to and from the horses to feed them nightly if we don’t manage to get them moved to their new place Friday or Saturday.

It’s just really >EEE’ish. I had been planning on going with Dad (and he knew about it) since the end of July/beginning of August. I specifically didn’t go back to school this semester because of said plans, and not wanting to miss a month of school because of it (among things). Dad kept putting off when we were supposed to leave (originally in the beginning of October), and didn’t even bother to tell me that he was finally leaving (I heard it from mum, as she purchased her plane tickets and said she’d be driving down with him).

Yargh. I really wanted to get the fuck out of California for a while. Bleh.

But enough of my bitching and whining. Have some actors-turned-Boyband cheesy pop. They really sound like NEWS on this CD XD


Politics from a girl who knows dick about politics. (Sort-of.)

So while the rest of the world is going batshit over the US presidential election, I’m more interested in the fact that there is no Heroes on tonight. “Political apathy” is one way to put it, but then, no one in my family is politically active or really cares in the least. I wasn’t raised to follow all the asshattery, and quite honestly I know jack shit about how politics work. I’m nearly 23, and I’m not registered to vote, nor do I have plans to register any time soon. I never even voted in things like student body elections in school – none of it ever made any difference to me.

I don’t have television. I don’t have a newspaper subscription (and there’s no way in hell I’m walking out to buy it every day), and unless someone links me to an article of interest, I don’t check out the news online. 90% of what I see/hear/read regarding this election are from second or third-hand sources, and we all know how much the story changes from person to person. The few interviews/debates I have seen (through being at Dad’s, or in a hotel somewhere) gave me very, very little hope. Ms. Palin is still an idiot, and Mr. McCain is still a skeezy old man who would probably die in office anyway (leaving us with a president who doesn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground). GJ on trying to rope in Hillary’s supporters by choosing the least intelligent eligible woman you could find, McCain. I’m not against having a woman in office, I’m against having (more) idiots in office.

…In general, politics just leave a bad taste in my mouth, and thus I avoid them at all cost. I’ll be happy when this is all over and people stop shoving their political (and/or poli-religious) views down my throat. The only proposition out of the ones I know about that I have any interest in is prop 8. No on prop 8 = good. If you’re so worried about things like a man marrying another man might make people want to marry their goat, then propose to make marrying anything that isn’t human illegal. And “teaching gay-ness to children”? WTF is that? You’re gay by your own preference, not because someone around you is gay. If the latter were true, my high school would’ve had a much larger population of gay students, given that one of the guidance counselors (mine) was openly lesbian and headed the US (United Sexualities – a LGBT “club” that also had several perfectly heterosexual members among its ranks). I certainly don’t prefer the wimmins because gayness was “taught” to me.

Really now. This country has bigger things to worry about than whether or not a gay couple should be allowed to marry/adopt/foster. Being gay does not mean you are a pedophile, nor does it mean you’ll be any less of a good parents.


All over the place post is all over the place.

That said, Menclave has my Gundams \0/

*eight months later*

I live, temporarily. School is back in session and I’m going to have to suffer the next four months under 15 units of prealgebra, English 1A, Biology & 20th Century American Literature. Going alright thus far, despite the fact that my textbooks are not here yet (I am going to be screwed in math tomorrow :D Good thing homework only counts as 5% of our grade). With any luck they will be here tomorrow though, J ordered them on her card Thursday night and thank GOD it ended up costing only a little more for my textbooks + mum’s textbooks than it would’ve had I bought only my books at the campus bookstore. For fuck’s sake, why is this shit so expensive D:

In order to keep from going insane in school I’ve been writing more (as I have days where I have to spend 3-5 hours sitting around campus until my class starts); mostly a bunch of useless tennis fic. I’ve also resurrected Sakura-Crisis and Red Sun, so those will take up some time I need to spend avoiding trying to kill myself with overwork XD

Summer was more or less fab – went to Fanime the day after school ended in May and got to see Marou, Kitty & Aka, all of whom were visiting CA (+ my usual suspects, who are still made of love), then headed out to Otakon in July to hang out with Roll & Moff in Baltimore (you can see our cosplay pics in that shiny new photos section on the sidebar :D). Needless to say I had a blast hanging out with some of my most favourite people ♥ Skipped AX due to lack of funds and will likely skip it again next year for Otakon instead. Next up is Yaoicon to go play with Rue, Spardie, Van & my usual ladies and gents. Van’ll be spending the week at my house too, so that’ll be fun :3

*brain fizzle* It is getting late, and thus I need to pop off to bed. G’night, all :)

It’s been a while~

Since I actually made a post that wasn’t just “lol here guyz have stuff”. But new layout that is completely swiped from my LJ, but I plan on changing LJ soon and I liked this one? >_>;; Made for my res, so I really don’t care if it’s too big for yours. Get a better monitor and/or video card. Yay Haeface.

Birthday a couple weeks ago. Yay, being legal to drink. Ended up going down to Petaluma the weekend after to watch Resilience play, as I have not seen them play in forever and I miss them greatly. And I got to see my Indy ♥ Whom I hadn’t seen in about 3 years ;o; Fun times were had :)

Schooooooool. Other than financial aid fucking me over and basically going “lol you don’t get shit until we see your mum’s tax info for last year too (since I apped for 06-07, I only needed to give them ’05’s tax info) hahaha”. Great, you guys could’ve said something when, you know, I didn’t need my books RIGHT THEN. But I managed to find the 3 I need (…two for English) on Amazon and thus got them for ~$140 less including shipping than I would’ve paid. Classes started (for what I needed books for) Tuesday, two days a week, needed books for both of them. Ordered Tuesday night since I went in to inquire about my financial aid stuff after my math class and they were like “lol fuck you”. Luckily, two of them (math and the SUPER IMPORTANTE! English book) showed up tod–yesterday (Friday), so I can catch up on stuff before Tuesday. With any luck, there will be no English class Tues & Thurs since teacherman has to maybe do some stuff elsewhere.

However, buying my books meant that I had to dip into my “I need this stuff for art classes”. Which means I won’t have everything I need on Monday, which isn’t too bad, since having taken the classes before, mum has most of the stuff (mostly just need extras) and we can share for now. Merf >.O

But thus far, school isn’t so bad, I’ll live. Was dreading it much more before. As per usual I’m highly anti-social and only ‘speak’ to people if they talk to me first. >> And my drawing class has a guy in it I know for a fact I went to junior high with, but I’m not sure whether it was Upper Lake JH or Santa Rosa JH. Either way, I remember him as being a bit of a dick so I just won’t talk to him if I can help it.

Math makes me feel like I’m in second grade again :D Which is good, since I’ll blow right through the course until we get to like decimals and percentages and ratios and fractions and division in like the end of March. Because I fail at those, horribly.

English I’m supposed to be writing in a journal. …but I already do. Two of them. Just one more than the other. But hay, it’s a composition class so I guess I can’t complain too much, it just gets annoying writing the same thing over and over again /lazy.

Also need an essay on ‘why I’m here’. Wherin ‘here’ can really be anywhere. In school, in this town… whatever. I’ll get to it at some point. I fear the Red Pen of Eternal Doom, mostly because of my love of commas and semicolons and such when I write. …And crap, I forgot to ask teacherman if we’ll get marked down for alternate spellings, since I tend to use British spellings of things (colour, favour, etc) >> Must ask next class.

…It is way too early in the morning :D

Also, Tenipuri continues to make me happy with cds ♥ So naturally I’ve had to order new cds (真田弦一郎 with 立海大附属中 – バレンタイン・キッス [Sanada Genichirou with Rikkaidai Fuzoku Chuu {Niou & Yagyuu} – Kusunoki Taiten w/ Masuda Yuuki & Tsuda Eisuke] – Valentine Kiss. I fucking hate this song, but it’s Sanada, so I have to buy two copies of it because Joyce needs it too, but at least his gay shirt didn’t get a gay colour like Atobe & Oshitari’s versions >>, 眼鏡’s – キラ★キラ 眼鏡’s [Megane’s {Tezuka, Oshitari, Inui} – Kira★Kira Meganes – Okiayu Ryoutarou, Kiuchi Hidenobu & Tsuda Kenjirou] – Okay, in general I hate all of these characters, but I ♥ their seiyuu and they’re good at crack, so happy time? 青酢 – 抱えたキセキ [Aozu {Oishi, Tezuka, Ryoma, Fuji} – Takieta Kiseki] Again, not really a fan of the characters themselves, but seiyuu, and :D :D :D AOZU.

Finally, which doesn’t come out until near the end of Feb but still, 氷帝エタニティ – 不条理 [Hyoutei Eternity {Atobe, Hiyoshi, Ootori & Gakuto} – Fujyouri] – New OVA OP [ED? I forget]. Either way, I hate Hyoutei, but I don’t give a flying fuck because Hiyoshi gets to sing ♥

Also >EEEE that Super Junior’s new album release date was pushed back from Jan. 30 to like March 10 or something :( Damnit, SM, I know you want my monies, you know you want my monies, hurry up and I will give them to you >o< *hops off elsewhere

Le post of random.

Just a bunch of random crap.

Airport security: Not nearly as effective as they want to be. Rules: No bottled water/other drinks, lotions, non-prescription meds, no lighters or flammable objects and other such stuff in your carryon.

Case in point: My trip to Virginia last month. My easily-accessible carryon contained a bottle of juice, a thing of baby lotion, several different packages of cold medicine and such, two lighters, etc. Not a single one of them hidden other than just being in my bag, and not a single one of them we confiscated. And this is the same airport that five years ago on another trip to Virginia felt the need to search one of my carryons that was chock full of school text books (I was on home study at the time). If they can’t be arsed to take it from me, I can’t be arsed to give up something that is completely pointless to give up. What, are we going to kill the entire plane with our 12oz water bottle of Eternal Doom? FU, Homeland Security.

Mum has been on one of her learning kicks recently, and totally dragging me into it. I’ve learned more about the relationship between the Arabs and Israelites, Jewish people and anti-semetism than I ever wanted or cared to know.

Tenipuriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. RIKKAI MYU. Cast. WHAT. Cute ;o; INTRODUCING RIKKAIDAI FUZOKU.
Kanesaki Kentarou
兼崎健太郎 as 真田弦一郎
Kanesaki Kentarou as Sanada Genichirou
AKA: Holyshit hot nice cheekbones *_*

Yagami Ren
八神蓮 as 幸村清市
Yagami Ren as Yukimura Seiichi
AKA: Michael Jackson: The Second Coming

Ono Kento
小野健斗 as 柳蓮二
Ono Kento as Yanagi Renji
AKA: That poor boy and his awesome lame bowl cut.

Baba Tooru 
馬場徹 as 柳生比呂士
Baba Tooru as Yagyuu Hiroshi
AKA: He who makes Yagyuu hotter than usual.

Nakagauchi Masataka
中河内雅貴 as 仁王雅治
Nakagauchi Masataka as Niou Masaharu
AKA: He who is the most adorable and evil looking thing on the planet.

Yuki Jutta
夕輝壽太 as ジャッカル桑原
Yuki Juuta as Jackal Kuwahara

Kiriyama Ren
桐山蓮 as 丸井ブン太
Kiriyama Ren as Marui Bunta
AKA: One of the most adorable things on the planet.

Ookawa Genki
大河元気 as 切原赤也
Ookawa Genki as Kirihara Akaya
AKA: Holy hell awesome *_*

And there we have them, Tenimyu’s Rikkaidaigaku Fuzoku. Am still slightly miffy that it’s this winter and thus all my monies are already gone and it’s too late to plan for a Japan trip :(

Tennis RP: The truth to Fusion Kirihara’s hatred for Yamato comes out. (Partially.) (Wibble alert).

Anime kick lately as S has me holding onto about 90% of his cds and dvds, so just since last Thursday I’ve watched Witch Hunter Robin, 最終兵器彼女, Angel’s Tail and started watching Groove Adventure RAVE. I want to watch 彼氏彼女の事情 but the DVDs aren’t cooperating :((

Witch Hunter Robin could’ve had a better ending imo (too abrupt?), while I am now totally in love with Saikano. The love totally must be spread. Angel’s Tail is asdfjaksdf cute though from the few eps I’d already seen I knew that XD Groove Adventure Rave is making it onto my ‘this show is fscking awesome’ list already.

Leaving for Yaoicon tomorrow~ Super last-minute Nagi costume was more or less finished last night, just need to add some fake stuff to it (I got lazy on the pants so they’re just elastic instead of actually having a zipper and all that >.>) Plus it looks funky because I didn’t have enough of the fabric I was using for both the top and the pants (I bought the last of it that Beverley’s had) and sometime after getting home from fabric shopping found a brand new sheet that was the exact colour I needed it (lighter than what I bought and plenty for both the top and pants but eh too lazy to remake the top). For once actually used a (modified) pattern for what I was doing XD; But it’s good enough for me and I don’t care. 8D

During the course of that S comes in with his armor all “Hey fix this I need it for my race this weekend.” (Motocross protective gear) and hands it to me with this big gigantic hole in the sleeve (ha, and those things are supposed to be more or less indestructable). Luckily I had an asston of black spandex leftover from when I made my Envy costume (hell it was $1 a yard, I just bought the rest of the roll) and thus it got fixed but was a pain in the ass because where the hole was was not sewing-machine-accessible and thus had to sew by hand through thick ass fabric >E Hopefully he doesn’t tear it to shreds again because I don’t want to fix it again XD;

…Other than that, not much going on other than messing around in TCG’s and rps and such 8D


Happy Birthday, Yagyuu Hiroshi, you hot piece of 2D ass, you.